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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: The Global Ninja Appears!

And as some of us Metal Hero fans expected, the Global Ninja a.k.a Jiraiya will team-up with the Ninningers! A nice follow-up to the Ninja Red and Hurricane Red team-up episode.

And just like last time, Akaninger will also inherit Jiraiya's will, giving him access to the Jiraiya Nin Shuriken.

Of course, Jiraiya will be portrayed by Takumi Tsutsui, the original actor for the Global Ninja whose secret identity is Toha Yamaji!

Jiraiya was last seen in Super Hero Taisen Z, when the Gokaigers transformed into past Metal Heroes after Gavan Type G gave them the Metal Hero Keys.

As for the plot of the team-up, no information has been handed out yet so stay tuned as always! NINJA VANISH!

Source: Heroshock

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6 Responses
  1. Martin Murphy Says:

    Neat! Now all they need to do is have a team up with Ninja captor, which was also a ninja themed sentai show even if it was unofficial.

  2. OMG!!!!! I can't believe!!!!! /o\

  3. OKter Says:

    Ninninger now need to team up with Kamen Rider ZX to go crazy

  4. I don't know why i can't stop my tears came out from my eyes....
    This is awesome!! Jiraiya is my favorite metal hero series (after the original gavan of course)

  5. Anonymous Says:

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