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Super Mario Bros. 3 Is a Stage Play

Well here's one theory that practically slipped off my mind and that is the theory that Super Mario Bros. 3 was a stage play. If you think of how the presentation was done, it does look like a stage play. Now let's explore the world of the classic Super Mario Bros. 3.

Here's a picture that shows (pictures is not mine) the Super Mario Bros. 3 sets that make it look like a play. I did notice there was the stylish theatrics of the red curtain rising, blocks are bolted to the wall (and there are shadows in the NES version while the Super Mario All Stars version removed it), then you exit stage right at the end of every stage. In some areas, there are platforms hanging from a roof, sticking through slots and backdrop running via hidden machinery in the set. 

Although I did notice these but I did not theorize it to be a stage play and it was just a stage show. I always viewed it as some kind of stage presentation and that Mario was never in real danger, in spite of the manual stating the game's plot of the seven kings losing their scepters. I just felt that it was given the stage play mood for the sake of artistry but others would speculate it was a stage play. From Kotaku, apparently 62 year old Shigeru Miyamoto verified the fan theory that yes, Super Mario Bros. 3 is indeed a stage play.

Further observation from the ending also suggests that it's a stage play. It's because of the fact that Mario rescues the princess from what looks like a back door. In the Super Nintendo remake (released in Super Mario All Stars), the castle windows just open out of random and you see the same kind of checkered floors used in a theater. 

My conclusion to Miyamoto's answer to the fan theory? When Miyamoto confirmed Super Mario Bros. 3 to be a stage play, I guess there's an important message behind it. I guess the whole idea of letting the game take place as a stage play was to give a public service announcement (PSA) to children that Super Mario is a just a story character. I guess you know why I'm putting Super Mario dressed up as Santa Claus right?

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