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Kamen Rider Ghost October 2015 Episode Guide

And here's our first Kamen Rider Ghost episode guide for the month of October, 2015. Will be updated later as soon as new information comes out.

From The Ghouly News

Episode 2 (10-11-15) Shock! The Invention King! - In order to revive himself, Takeru must find 15 Hero Eyecons before his 99 days are up. Having already obtained Musashi, he sets out to find the remaining 14 Hero Eyecons. Searching for abnormal phenomenon within the city, Takeru stumbles upon a warehouse where a man is immersed in creating new inventions.

Episode 3 (10-18-15) Title TBA - T
he Sage gives Takeru three hints: “England, woods, and gentleman thief”. After hearing this, Takeru realizes that the next Eyecon is Robin Hood’s. As if it were fate, a modern day thief has been going around the city robbing the rich and giving money to the poor while calling himself Little John. Takeru decides to track down this Little John but…

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yeesh, Ghost is getting all his forms fast...guess that means we can expect lots of new super forms later?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    anon^ to be fair Drive got a lot of his tires really early in the series.

  3. The driver hack revealed that there are a lot of ghost eyecons way more then 15.

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