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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 32 Review - Introducing Gekiatsu DaiOh

It's funny how one episode can really change your view of a series. After many weeks of Ninninger falling at the waist side in terms of storytelling, lack of a strong antagonist presence, it seems all of that has disappeared in the last couple weeks, We have been introduced to a new chapter in the Ninninger story line it seems. With characters such as Kyuuemon, a villain with a shrouded past that is slowly being discovered finally making his presence felt, to Taka Igasaki who is growing right before our eyes as a true leader, regardless of his dauntlessness to run straight into a battle.

In this review we explore the amazing powers displayed by Kyuuemon as well as the Last Ninja, and the incredibly epic fight scene that takes place. It almost makes you wonder, where has this sort of action been all season long! We also dive into the creation of the brand new Otomo Nin, along with their new designs. Plus a look into the introduction of a new transformation, the Gekiatsu DaiOh! Enjoy our Video Review of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 32.

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