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Watchmojo's Top 10 Power Rangers Outfits

Last time, Watchmojo brought us the top 10 hottest Power Ranger babes. This time, it's all about who has the better colored suits. And remember, as Dr. K always says, IT"S NOT SPANDEX!

Just a friendly reminder, before some of you rants out, this is about the Power Rangers universe, not the Super Sentai universe. I'm surprised that the Overdrive suits are not present. So which one was your bet?

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4 Responses
  1. WatchMojo is click-bait. Very few of their lists are actually good or well thought-out.

    For example: they recently made a Top 10 List for Gundam, and it was not what you thought it would be. You clicked on it thinking it would be about stats and performances, but it ended up being something more along the lines of, "Top 10 Favorite Gundams-in-name As Ranked In Popularity According To Unawares American Viewers Who Are Too Casual To Know The Difference Between A Gundam And A Mobile Suit".
    The list was obviously compiled by a non-Gundam employee over at the channel without any consultation from real Gundam fans, and was more of a nostalgia crush on [SPOILERS!] Gundam Wing merely because it was the first Gundam to aire in the US. (They actually put the G-Self high on the list. ...Think about that for a moment.) They also used several names which did not match the footage they were showing (EX: listed Wing Gundam Zero Custom but always showed the Wing Gundam) or completely ignored upgrades and changes in the story (EX: listed Gundam Deathscythe rather than its far-more-powerful upgrade the Gundam Deathscythe-Hell Custom EW).

    Not that any "Top 10 list" isn't about popularity, but when they get to be as skewed as WatchMojo makes them, there is little integrity behind the list(s) they make, in my opinion and require more than two grains of salt.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If i'm remembering correctly, aren't all of WatchMojo's top 10 list decided by fan polls.

  3. MangaKamen Says:

    In all honesty, the number one pic baffles me. One of the reasons being that they say that the morphers for the Time Rangers fit like a stylish watch... When ninja storm did the exact same thing, yet its lower on the list. Also, when they mention "Incorporating their morphers into the suits as subtly as a walkman", a lot of of the suits mentioned didn't have the morphers incoporated into the suit, but when they do, they're used as a belt buckle or in the case of SPD, a back buckle that allows them to capture criminals - being very subtle in my opinion

    Not to mention, there's not a lot of reasoning for why the suits are on the list - Time force is number one because its futuristic? Uh, SPD was a futuristic design too.

    The only reason why I see Time Force being number one, is because they have colored visors. I saw no reason why Zeo was number ten while Time Force was number one.

  4. taz0x Says:

    when i watched this i realized how much the design of the suits didn't really translate very well in the PR adaptations. Like for the Megaranger costume, MegaSilver is supposed to be the prototype suit of Megaranger's suites, which is why the costume's chest things werent colored at that point. You could even reason that he was "colorless" and merely represented the shade of solder, but none of that made sense in PR In Space i guess. And i never how the icons in each ranger's head were never used in PR (the pc, navigator, cellphone), even though they played an important role in Megaranger.

    I'm really surprised that they picked Timeranger as the best looking suit, I think they got pretty good taste. Although they forgot to mention that Zyuranger's Dino Buckler also "blended" in with their costumes just as well as the Chronochanger...

    Oh also something i realized when watching this video: They SERIOUSLY have to take the role call lines more seriously, they keep trying to fill the gaps with "AIYAHHHH", why cant they just make up something poetic/badass? Like the Wild Fury role calls hurt my soul. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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