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Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 6-9 Summaries

Here are the episode titles and summaries for the remaining episodes for Kamen Rider Ghost this November 2015.

From The Ghouly News:

Episode 06: Destiny! The Comeback Melody! (Airdate: November 15th)
Summary: Takeru, having suffered a one-sided defeat at the hands of Spectre, loses hope in being revived. Meanwhile, the Supernatural Research Lab receives a request from a girl named Yoji Kimijima. Her brother, Kousuke, is studying to become a composer but recently anything or anyone that goes near him becomes silent. Takeru heads out to investigate, knowing that the case has something to do with Beethoven’s Eyecon.

Episode 07: Quick-Draw! The Legendary Gunman! (Airdate: November 22nd)
Summary: A young man named Tanaka Tsuneo seeks the help of the Supernatural Research Lab. His close friend, Kimura Tomonori, has had a complete change in personality and has been seen at night acting suspiciously in a park. Takeru investigates and discovers that Tomonori is being manipulated by a Ganma.

Episode 08: Activate! Another Monolith! (Airdate: November 29th)
Summary: The suspicious, eccentric behaviour by the people of the park was being caused by a Ganma. However, even after Ghost frees the others, Tomonori is still possessed. Takeru rushes to his rescue but ends up being blocked by Spectre again. In the middle of the battle, Takeru finds out the shocking truth about who Spectre really is.

Episode 09: TBA (Airdate: December 6th) Summary: TBA

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4 Responses
  1. Oh come on I want to know what episode 9 is about

  2. Ono Says:

    Well, we pretty much had figured out what episode 6 & 7 will be about. And I was correct when I thought episode 8 would be about Specter.

    LOL. You're right, it's such a tease isn't it?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I wondered what is the supposed "shocking truth" about Spectre. If he turns out to be a Ganma in human form or a human turned into a Ganma, that would be interested (but probably too predictable for some people).

  4. It could be possible he was talking to that "guy" plus maybe he's the one who gave him the belt too - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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