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Dobutsu Sentai Juohger - 1st Quarter Toy Catalog Scans

Hold on to  your horses as the 1st wave of images from the 1st quarter Juohger toy catalog has been finally leaked.

Seen in the image above are the official suit and helmet designs for 40th anniversary super sentai team. Uniform design is simple and the helmets are well designed.

2nd picture features the DX Juoh King in it's cube and Animal forms. I think i can see an enjin-oh design for this one.

Next picture features all of the Juoh Cubes in their animal form any Minecraft fans would love.

And here's a shot of Red's civilian form transforming his Cube Eagle in it's animal form. Reminds us of Shinkenger's individual mecha/

Now let's all wait for more official and clear versions of the 1st quarter toy catalogs and see what surprises are instored for us.

Source: Heroshock

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43 Responses
  1. The suits are horrible. The transformation device is garbage, the megazords suck, the cube idea is killing me, and the female blue is not blue it's light blue. God this is getting worse

  2. V Says:

    I like the simple costume designs, and I have to say I'm getting a Shinkenger Origami vibe from the mecha. Still not completely sold on the Juoh-King but will give the series a shot.

  3. This is great can't wait for 2016!!!

  4. Ramior Says:

    @anubisofthedead reaper :

    You have no taste, the suit kisk ass, the rest is just ok but nothing horribile.

  5. Oh me oh my! Where the hell do I even begin?! First off, the torsos! Really?! That's the best you could come up with?! Just their colors with animal prints on them?! I've seen people on DeviantArt that have come up with better suit designs than these! Second, the helmets! They look underwhelming and unoriginal! Overall, they look like those local heroes you see all over Japan or even a Super Sentai parody! Additionally, the mecha! Was someone at PLEX playing Minecraft when they were supposed to be working?!

  6. I will never complain about ToQger's suits again!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, I kind of like this, especially since red isn't a lion like with Gingaman and Gaoranger, and the blue ranger is a shark instead of dolphin, it's also nice to a white ranger in place of pink, though I hope we see some unique colour rangers this time, like orange and violet, it's about time Sentai used those colours more.

    The helmets give me a feel of a cross between Zyuranger and Gekiranger, I do kind of think they could of done the chest symbols like the Hurricanger ranger symbols, since they look like t-shirt designs to me, but oh well, the design at least adds something to what would be a bland suit otherwise.

    As for the mecha, I don't mind them, it makes me think of the Shinkenger origami mecha, with them being able to transform from a shape into an animal, it's kind of clever, I mean, we never expected dinosaur batteries or fruit padlocks to be cool.

    I also feel the box mecha is trying to get back at people who have said that recent mecha have just been giant bricks/boxes, and now, we finally have a Sentai where the mecha seriously is a box, meaning the blocky shape is kind of justified, since there's only so much you can do with a box shape, it's how you design it to become an animal where the main though process will have gone, since they'd need to keep Juoh-King open for expansions and combinations.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Really lacking imagination here. I'm fine with simple designs, but these aren't just simple, they're lazy.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'll give it a fair try. I never liked the animal theme in the first place, as there are much more interesting themes out there in my opinion. But, I don't want to be biased about this until I at least see a couple of episodes.

    On the plus side, I really like female blues, and it is nice to see one, here. ^_^

    Also, it is rare to see a visor split into two separate eyes, in Super Sentai. It looks like this green has that.

  10. Rodrigo Says:

    The outfits are to simple!!! I was expecting more. White looks the best one, even her helmet looks better, I hated the orange ''mouth'' in the red's helmet. And the detail been only the face of their animals in their chest is so boring and ugly.

    The mechas looks like Shinkenger and the formation of the robot is similar to Kyoryuger, only 3 makes the robot and they unplugged the robo so the other 2 can attached.

  11. I honestly love this it's like a mixture of Showa & Heisei with the simple animal designs, they remind us of some past Sentai & with the unique mecha this is perfect for 40th Anniversary!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Unfucking unbelievable. These suits gets worse every year. If this series is bad as ninnger and toqger then im done. Fuck it at this point. If Toei doesnt give a damn then why should i or my kids

  13. IAreZay Says:

    I'm usually the guy to give EVERY Sentai a chance but I think I may take a break from it next year after seeing this & losing hope in Ninninger .

  14. Wow you guys are so salty.

    This is no where near as bad as Toqyger.

  15. Love the ranger suites and the mecha is interesting, but honestly the best part about all of this stuff is that the female white ranger doesn't seem to have any pink in her entire suite.

  16. No the suits are bad but I could live with it, and the megazord sucks

  17. Anonymous Says:

    can't say I like the suits but the helmets are cool at the very least. I like the yellow around red's mouth piece possibly representing a beak

  18. Considering Sentai viewing rate keeps declining since Shinkenger, I can assume that Toei doesn't give any f to release this design like thus, seems like they're ready to ignite a suicide bomb to end Sentai once and for all.

  19. *sighs* I know, right??? Helmets are okay, but the suit with animal template in front of that, I wonder what the hell are production designers are thinking. And that boxy mecha, *do like Martin Freeman's react*, what the **** was that??

  20. Well, I have a same issues with Gaim back then in terms of design and the mixture theme of dancing, samurai and fruit, but their story is what they triumphed above the all. Same goes to Kyoryuger with some mixture of samba dance, dinosaur, King Daigo and heroes with happy-go-lucky antics is what children loves the most. Shall we give it a try?

  21. Unknown Says:

    I actually like the simplicity of these suits, just have to see them in action. Wish the design was more detailed, bit I'm fine with it. And a different color scheme for the main team as well. I luke that a lot. Hopefully this season will be more martial arts than weapons like Dairanger or Gekiranger.

    That mech though...why...

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Oh look, A power rangers fan.

  23. The ranger suits look simple just like Toqger, have animal designs for helmets just like Gaoranger, and have mecha that can transform into shapes just like Shinkenger. Plus since this is an anniversary season it's sixth ranger will definitely be silver just like Gaoranger and Boukenger. The only thing that is new to the series is the green and white ranger appearing together in the same team for the first time; which is something that hasn't been done before in any of it's predecessors.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I have no words

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I enjoy the suits, they're different from what we've been getting, and I really enjoy that. And the mecha are pretty silly but I love them too. Don't forget sentai is for kids it should be goofy and silly, this mecha is goofy and silly in all the best ways.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Still acceptable design...

  27. Is it just me or does it seem like tokusatsu creators are having a hard time making something unique yet pleasing to fans?

  28. There awesome love the simple design I may start watching sentai again.

  29. I've stopped watching sentai since gobuster. Yeah, the last four is suck.

    Man... don't make me stop watching this too -_-

  30. I Think The 40th Super Sentai is Awesome! Like The 24th Power Rangers! I call it! Power Rangers: Shiurken Ninja!
    Why'd The 39th Super Sentai Ninninger has defeat this evil son of the dark father?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    There not suck! It's Awesome! And It's New Super Sentais like Ninninger the 39th Sentai!

  32. I think I found one official cast member of Juohger!! I think Hinako Sakurai is going to be in Juohger! According to this link
    do you guys see this Black coat before?

  33. Honestly these aren't suit aren't really bad. Really if you go back there probably better than some older sentai suits. Denjiman, Goggle5, Dynaman, Zyuranger, Gingaman, GoGoV & Abaranger just to name a few. And I like the chests using little black but enough to make nice pictures of the animals. Any there probably going to be like toqger where at first they look bad in picture but better seeing them in action.

  34. Ono Says:

    Agree with V, there's a Shinkenger Origami vibe from the cubes, but seriously... that's one ugly looking Lion LOL. The overall look of the mecha looks a bit... too LEGO as well.

    As for the suit, I went "What??" at first, but now it's starting to grow on me. Still, the yellow color in red's helmet looks a bit off when compared to the rest. They should also make Yellow and White as siblings, since they are both feline animals. I wonder why they didn't just make White as Penguin or Flamingo/Swan, that would have been easier from a cube form.

  35. Andrew Says:

    @anubisofthedead reaper
    Um... We haven't even SEEN the Changer yet. The cube is just the mecha gimmick.

  36. Zeoranger Says:

    Well, I hate to say that but this is awful.
    Toei is going through a serious criativity crisis.

    Or this is just our heisei minds rejecting a sentai that screams showa

  37. Unknown Says:

    I think they're trying to keep it simple and original, just like toqger. But what if when it comes out, things might be better off?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Just like the Gaoranger except the color swipe for eagle and lion, gender swipe for shark and also the elephant replace the bison and it's green this time. The only thing in common is the white tiger.

  39. marty Says:

    @TeVaughn Webb
    Yeah i hear you

    and as for Juohger well i have to admit it the suits are okay but the mecha's they really gone devolved because now they look lego like i wish the toy company bandai would make smoother mechas just like our current machines in this century because this is the era of smooth machines made by apple they should at least try to make 'smooth' mecha designs anyway because no one is interested in blocky mechas anymore.

  40. ToQger suits were simple to. But given time you'll think looks good but you got use to it. And these suits probably fits theme/feelings of the show.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Man, I really don't know what to think of this. They seem to get the idea of their helmets from Dairanger; If you look at dairangers you'll notice that each rangers animal mouth, snap or beak would form the mouth piece of the ranger helmet and the animal eyes are slightly above the visors and this is evidently seen with Jyuou Red/Eagle. Except the only difference is that the mouth pieces are not silver but instead matches the colour of the rangers. (Except the red one; his own is yellow like an eagles beak.) I really wished that we had coloured visors instead of the same old black like we always do.

    As for the suits, I kinda like the gloves but the suits are just plain simple. I was hoping that we got something besides spandex like a leather or something but it seems that's not the case. They've could of even put some details on the suits but it's just..plain. The animals on their chest looks alright.

    The mechas looks better than Tokkyu Oh but man it still looks bad. You could see that they are trying to be like Shinkenger here by having their mechs being folded like origami's but they don't even look good at all. I really feel like toei puts more effort in Kamen Rider design they do with sentai and that's odd considering Sentai makes more cash than Kr. However, I can judge the show I'll have twait and see but for the last 3 years sentai has not been good. Man, if this show sucks that's it for me. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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