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Dobutsu Sentai Juohger - 2nd Set Of 1st Quarter Toy Catalog

At last, the second set for the Dobutsu Sentai Juohger 1st quarter toy catalog has finally surfaced featuring more role play toys and mechas! Are you ready to get wild?

1st image shows the team's main transformation item, the Juoh Changer. To transform into their ranger form, each individual must press the red button, rotate the cube to form the animal's face and open it. Transformation sound will play "Ha! Ha! Ha!". To summon the Juoh Animals, press the yellow button and rotate the cube (can play 6 animal SFX). To form Juoh King, press the blue button and rotate the changer to create a robot's head with the SFX saying "san, ni, ichi, Juoh King!".

And here we have the team's main sidearm, the Juoh Buster. Inserting the red cube will transform it into sword mode and the blue cube will transform it to the gun mode.

And here is Juoh Eagle's personal melee weapon, the Eagerizer which can also transform into a whip (think of Ivy's snake sword). 

Here is the first of the Juoh armament cube animals, Cube Kirin, a numberless giraffe mecha that can transform into a bazooka for Juoh King.

Meet Cube Elephant, Juoh Elephant's personal mecha that can combine to Juoh King to form Juoh King 1-2-4.

As for Juoh Tiger's main mecha, here is Cube Tiger that can also combine with Juoh King to form Juoh King 1-5-3.

And here is Juoh Eagle's second mecha, the Cube Gorilla. Also seen in this image is Juoh Eagle's power-up form, Juoh Gorrila which he can activate by moving his helmet up. the eagle symbol on his uniform will change into a gorilla.

And finally, we have Juoh Wild, the combination between Cube Gorilla, Cube Elephant and Cube tiger. It is armed with a small gatling gun and it's fist can also launch to attack enemies.

Will we see Juoh King and Juoh Wild combine together? let's all find out next year as the series airs.

Source: Heroshock

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18 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    well.... yeah after first doubts, things are actually looking kinda good

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder if the other 4 have power form ........cast up.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think all the other four will get 'Instinct Awaken' forms,too. And they will each have a new mech in the second quarter of the show. For now,it'll be Red introducing the concept and using his gorilla, then the other four will do it too.

  4. Juoh Eagle's weapon is a reference to the 1st red Akaranger & some heisei due to it also being a sword what we would expect in this day in age from the red

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah...still goofy looking but feeling better about the mecha. Liking the Gorilla/Tiger/Elephant formation. If each member gets a power up that changes the animal image on their shirt, then I can get behind that, that's pretty cool actually. And the Eagle sword is awesome.

  6. Vash Says:

    I'm in love with the mechas. The cube concept is so awesome. They remind me so much of the Shinkenger's. I'll buy them for sure.

  7. I think the outfits are okay and the weapons and the transformation are good and the power up right off the bat I love!!! Like how in boukenger they had the acell tector like in the 10th episode. They only thing I hate is the megazord, it's too bulky, but you know... Bandai or toei doesn't listen to us

  8. Anonymous Says:

    With the power-up revealed this early?

    I bloody hope so.

  9. Ono Says:

    Again, our Minecraft Ranger is growing on me. The blocks mechas looks ridiculous, but everyone thought the same about Shinkenger, and look what happens now.

    I'll still wait for the trailer though. The cast is now the deciding factor for me.

  10. And we still don't know what the gold pillar on cube gorilla is for!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I hope red isn't another Daigo/Takaharu clone (I actually liked Right sue me) but other wise the Gorilla form looks cool

  12. Oh so that's why some people were saying that there was supposed to be a 6th member but he's red. I didn't understand at first but it make snse now. I like the weaponry and the henshin device, The power up for Jyuoh eagle looks like it cold be good. But, I just hope that it doesn't force it for the sake just because he's the red like ninninger. I hope the other rangers get a power up to or else it's just gonna feel kind of selfish.

    Also, If red power up is gonna be different forms like a rider, then his ranger name should be Jyuoh red instead of Jyuoh eagle seeing that he changes entirely to a different animals.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Red power up is also similar to shurikenger (Green ranger from ninja storm.)

  14. Another red power up.. hahaha.. what the hell .. hopefully the other four can yet power up too.. but why gorilla?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    They all have the "change" ability. Red's the only one getting his shown off early. It's like what MMPR did with the Thunderzords from DaiRanger.

    The mecha for the other rangers will come in the 2nd quarter.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Rubik cube henshin device....

    Super Sentai is getting weirder with every installment.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Cube Kirin in cube form looks like the block from Mario - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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