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Dobutsu Sentai Juohger - Juoh Changer & Awakening Mask Information

Can't for some new Juohger 1st quarter catalog info? Well here's something news that will satisfy your excitement and it involves the Juoh Changer and something called the Awakening Mask.

From Animal Sentai

"Mr. S (of CSToys) has made some comments about Juohger’s toy catalogue. Stating that he only saw 5 Rangers, Mr. S explained that the Juoh Changer resembles a rubrik’s cube. You have to match the color combination to transform.

Mr. S also talked about the Instinct Awakening Mask - a toy face mask - saying that it is red and the mouthpiece flips to change into another animal (Eagle to a Gorilla). While this might mean that Juoh Eagle can change modes/power-up into Jyuoh Gorilla, Mr. S stated that he couldn’t confirm or discuss it anymore."

A sentai changer that you must solve just to transform? A gorilla power-up for an eagle themed red ranger? Well that's something new.

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like it. It seems like fun and a good sentai. Kyourger and ToQuger and Ninninger have been three awesome,over the top sentai's and I hope Jyuugrr is just as awesome and crazy as those previous three.

  2. which mean the sixth ranger will be Orange!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I want a kick ass roll call. Original plot, 3-dimensional characters, awesome villains, a small amount of cameos, a kick as director and head writer and cliff hangers. KR Gaim had all those above. Please spare me it's a kid show bullshit. If a Kamen Rider series could do it then sentai could it as well. We need to not forget Ninnger but use it a example on how bad a series cold be.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Awakening Mask? for come werid reason Legend of Zelda came in my mind

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Either anon is a troll or got totally shit taste. I would've liked kyoryuger if it wasn't for that spotlight hogging gary stu King and that shit ending that sucked his dick till it was red. I still have to finish toquger, I remember it was just kind've average to somewhat decent. As for Ninninger, it had alot of potential but, shit all over itself, they really should have let Yasuko Kobayashi write it rather than toquger.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    While yes orange is on a rubix cude, that doesn't meab its 100%. They could give us something else for the hell of it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Personally, I think Ninninger was a good series for the first 12 episodes (Gabi was like the fuckin' best villain ever). I don't know why they got rid of him so fast, and instead put the useless Tsugomori and the s***y Ariake. Mangetsu seems to be their try to compensate the fragile villains (at least he could stand for more than 1 ep).

    I mean, it could really be the worst series because I have only seen character growth in Kasumi by accepting her defeat, and maybe Kinji but I don't really like his plot. Takaharu is still the ignorant of always, the two kids (Nagi and Fuuka) have only been used recently because the writer saw they lost like 20 episodes and they need to be put in a good story, and Yakumo is a lost case (we've only seen him in episodes where he ridiculously goes in love to be humilated in the end. I HATE when he says that he's an English gentleman c'mon you're Japanese accept it already!!!).

    Seems that the series arrived too late at its climax point (reference to a good series in recent times...), and now they are running out of time so they are rushing the series to end quickly. In fact, they don't know how to mantain their own series, that explains the recent cameos... :O

    Don't take me wrong, I really like Ninninger overall, but if we are realistic and make a detailed analysis we'll find this out.

    SPOLIEEER ALEEERT!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all know by this point, that Takaharu will end up being the Last Ninja, or the Grandpa will be a b**** and won't give the title to anyone. Tsugomori and Ariake will be gone by January, and Mangetsu could continue or could be also gone by then. Kibaoni WILL revive but probably for the Christmas episode, and if he continues then something will happen between Kyuemon and him, cause we all know that next year will be all about Kyuemon's truth. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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