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Dobutsu Sentai Juohger - New 1st Quarter Toy Catalog Listing

And here we have another 1st quarter toy catalog listing and this is different from the one that Dukemon22 has posted and this catalog also mentions upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost toys. Again, even with an image included, take this one with a grain of salt.

From Animal Sentai:

"The series will involve the Juoh Cubes, which serve as the Rangers’ weapons and mechas. In a franchise first, the core team will consist of six members: JuOh Eagle (Red), Juoh Shark (Blue), JuOh Lion (Yellow), Juoh Tiger (White), Juoh Elephant (Green), and Juoh Gorilla (Black). According to a list posted before the catalogue, Juoh Shark will be female but will not be light-blue like past female Blues (another franchise first). White will be the other female member.

They transform using the Juoh Changer and are armed with the Juoh Blaster. Red will also have the EagRiser. There is another Jyuoh Cube titled “Weapon Animal Armament” Cube Giraffe that will be released in February as well.

Cube Eagle, Cube Shark, and Cube Lion will combine together to form Juoh King while Cube Elephant, Cube Tiger, and Cube Gorilla will form Juoh Wild. The first three will be released as the Jyuoh King set in February, with Elephant (March), Tiger (March), and Gorilla (April) being release separately or as the Jyuoh Wild set (April).

A few updates and corrections in regards to descriptions and dates. The Juoh Changer is a phone changer and the Juoh Blaster is titled “Animal Bayonet” (sword-gun combo probably). Both will be released mid-February. The EagRiser is called the “Wildlife Sword” and will be released in late February.

Early March will see the release of the “Instinct Awakening Masks” (toy Ranger masks for kids) of Juoh Eagle and Juoh Gorilla. Full pretend play sets for both of them will be released as well too. Cube Giraffe will be an auxiliary mecha for Juoh King and Juoh Wild, apparently forming a blaster/bazooka-like weapon for them, it’ll be released in late February. Cube Elephant will be released in early March and Cube Tiger will be in mid-March. Cube Gorilla will be early April along with the Juoh Wild set, which rounds out the end of the 1st quarter."

Only time will tell if this one is finally legit so let's all play the waiting game for the while and everything will be worthwhile,

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17 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, crap.
    A blue female ranger? This is gonna leave scars on me. It really brings me bad memories of Blue Dolphin and Hurricane Blue.
    Please, Toei. We don't need another Megumi.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So JuOh King in japanese is JuOh - Oh right? kinda funny lol

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Blue Dolphin from Liveman was female and had the same dark-blue suit as others.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Blue Dolphin from Liveman is the first female "normal blue" ranger.

  5. I bet you forget Blue Swallow from Jetman and MagiBlue from Magiranger thou..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'll take with a grain of salt but seeing how a toy catalog is saying this ever since Ninninger brought back Male yellow the return of female was inevitable. maybe one day they'll go back to the red blue yellow and green/black male and pink as only female formula they used to have back in the day

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think it should say that "Juoh Shark is the first female blue ranger with a shark motif" since pasts shark themed rangers like VulShark and Gao Blue are male.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I hope this isn't real. Another red eagle, yellow lion, blue shark, white tiger, and green elephant? Please, change it up a bit. I guess only time will tell.

  9. Blue Dolphin was the first female normal Blue
    how could you forget the first female blue

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Aaaaw... I know this is just a rumor for now, but I was excited about the Ocarina and the music theme in the previous one. Also about the female being a Flamingo bit, white tiger shouts Gaoranger too much, aside from the fact that the other animals have been used waaaay too many times.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    That image is from Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It's not a new image.

  12. I know, right?! It's just to give a first impressions of how Juuohger would look like, even we didn't have their official images yet.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It's just a placeholder image.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I suppose it's too much to ask if they could break the mold a bit? I mean, as lackluster Go_Busters was, at the very least they did something different with having a Cheetah and Rabbit themed members on the team.

    I know it's only rumours right now, but it still feels like it's all a bit...TOO familiar. A female Shark sentai I'm cool with, same goes for the Elephant, but everyone else feels "been there, done that" Plus, I'm a bit...perplexed why they chose to have two big cats on the team if these rumours turn out to be true

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Nevermind I guess he meant the image was of the actual listings lol.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    No Pink? ��

  17. Anonymous Says:

    If that image of the robot suit is true, then this rumor is pretty much confirmed! Which is a little disappointing, since I agree with most comments, they should have shaken things up a bit. Eagle, Lion, Shark, Tiger, and Elephant are waaaay too commonly used.

    Still, I'll wait for the official look to decide whether I will watch this or not. If the cube acts a bit like Shinkenger's shaped mechas, then it's going to be good. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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