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Kamen Rider Ghost - DX Eyecon Driver G Announced

A image of a toy listing for the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost toys for March 2016 has finally confirmed the previous information that we have seen in the Juohger toy listing regarding Ghost's mid-season power-up item that is the DX Eyecon Driver G.

The above image states a few details about the DX Eyecon Driver G: "Pressing the buttons triggers the finisher! Continuous summong of the Hero Ghost! It contains it s own lights and sounds!"

Another user has posted some information regarding the Eyecon Driver G. It resembles a huge Eyecon with the Grateful Soul symbol in the middle surrounded by the other 15 Hero Ghost. It's finisher, the Omega Formation, summons all 15 ghost to attack at once.

As for the Grateful Soul Form, it is said that the silhouette resembles Kuuga's Ultimate Form.

Source: The Ghouly News 

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  1. They will fusion all the powers again?
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