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Kamen Rider Ghost - New Kamen Rider Necrom Visuals

Here are some new Kamen Rider Necrom images that was taken from this year's Super Terebi-Kun Kamen Rider Ghost special.

Confirmed to be the 3rd rider from the series, Kamen Rider Necrcom transforms into his Rider form using the Megauruoder. His design is mechanical, base body color is white, black parka with green accents and a single horned helmet with a visor that looks like a scuba mask.

Source: Kamen Rider

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24 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like it the gimmick still continues. It just won't be as accurate in GC form because of his new face plate/goggles.

  2. Anonymous Says:,black &white . its look like an OMNITRIX watch turns into a rider.. *** ^_^!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    remind me a bit of Psyga & Meteor

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ben 10? Is that you?

  5. Actually I think it's suppose to be a monocule

  6. Just like minion eye glass lol

  7. KamenRiderGeisto Says:

    ok so necrom totally looks liek he has a scuba mask attached to his helmet. i still love the design but the scuba thing makes him like slightly janky.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So, this means that Sanzo and Grimm are gonna give anyone who uses them a scuba mask?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    "It started when an alien device did what it did..."

    -Oops, wrong show ;) But you gotta admit, he's got a bit of a Ben10 vibe to him.

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Ben 10! It's hero time!

  12. The design does look really cool even if it does look like Ben 10. The face you'll probably get used to as the series goes on. But look at the size of the changer on his arm you'd be better off fighting with a pip boy on.

  13. Ono Says:

    Great Gawd, I'm loving the color tone!
    And yes, he looks like an amazing combi of Ixa and Psyga.
    Is that sundial on his face?

    Anyway, anyone wanna bet he's Javel (considering he's morphing into a kamen rider-esque form this week)? If not Alan of course. Our smirking Prince has been experimenting on Kamen Rider suit after all...

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like Ben 10...which is cool, cause i like Ben 10. Can't wait for his debut

  16. Haha us that upgrade from ben10? One words, its awesome!! This is the best series n design for me

  17. Asshole Says:

    Kamen Rider Ben 10: Scubalien! (Because Ben always has a dumbass name for his aliens)

    I hate you so much for making me see that, 2nd Anon lol but you are absolutely right!

    Scuba mask aside, he looks alright-- Oh shit. I just noticed his changer is a wrist device... like a watch... like an Omnitrix. Ben 10 Rider is absolutely confirmed.

  18. partiallyBatty Says:

    After looking at this guy, then looking at his henshin device, I'm getting a lot of Mad Scientist vibes from his aesthetic. Maybe it's the abundance of green or how his visor looks like a protective goggle, but I actually would really like if this was the case: mixing both science and the supernatural together.

  19. Kamen Rider 555 wants their design back.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    There is also a vibe of Bane from Batman looking at the pipe kind things on his arms. Maybe this indicates that Necrom is a villain at first, don't what he will be later in the series but I hope he'll be like White Wizard. Two good riders are enough for this series.

  21. From deadpool to ben10..waw..

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Isn't Takumi dead-ish or written out of existance? No one to remember Faiz but one, so time for someone to pick up the design.

  23. Reminds me of Upgrade from Ben 10

  24. Arm Gadget ?
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