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New Kamen Rider Wars Revealed

A pamphlet that was handed out to fans revealed a new Kamen Rider movie that will celebrate the franchise's 45th anniversary.

And here's a quick description from the said pamphlet (as translated by No Good Toku Talk):

"After 45 years, the Legendary Kamen Rider is born!"

45 years since his Kamen Rider has become an international icon.

In this darkness of this sealed history, a lone warrior stands and fights for humanity with unflinching determination. He faces new enemies. He meets new allies. He powers up with the excitement, strength and Justice itself! The movie the world has been waiting for is born right now!

March 26 2016!

The curtain rises on a new legend of the Kamen Riders!"

Source: Kamen Rider

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12 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    another Kamen Rider War movie?! aww... can't we get a Super Sentai War movie?!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen rider 5 anyone?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This literally tells us nothing about the film. Also WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING THESE DAMN MOVIES!

  4. Maybe we'll get a Super Sentai War for the 50 Anniversary

  5. How about Kamen Rider Garren King Form!

  6. marty Says:

    @Anonymous December 18, 2015

    you know i was asking the same thing i wish both companies like bandai and toei should stop theatrical movies and focus on direct to video movies instead just to save budget.What they really need is something they should have tried like a ishinomori anime crossover theatrical movie starring both kamen rider 7 riders and the first super sentai gorangers.

  7. Anonymous Says:


    I think you just came up with next year's Super Hero Taisen. Lol.

  8. marty Says:

    @Anonymous December 19, 2015 at 12:15 AM

    Gee thanks

  9. aww, i seriously thought that the rumor about ishinomori wars going to become real. i mean, why else would they put ishinomori soul's sound inside the ghost driver?

    i guess they are limits to our imaginations are.

    also, for those who keep on complaining about more movies made by them: toei has been doing one thing whenever they make tv series, or movies or v-cinemas, and that is to please us, the fans of those stuff they made. sure, profit comes to play. but profit is all they care for, then they might as well go to the same route ultraman and garo has gone to and begone with it; same shit over and over.

    they at least gives off different things each time, and movies are part of it. the only time they would ever make those v-cinema you wished for is when they either wanting to push the limits of the story telling or they have no faith to the success of the story while still wanting to make what they want with their works.

    for the last time, if you feel that you don't want to watch those movies they made for us, to tokusatsu fandom community, then SHUT THE F--K UP AND CRAM IT IN YOUR this message has been removed by the administrator for being a jerk

  10. I expect another time traveling plot once again for this film. Man, is Toei running out of ideas already?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It's not that they keep making movies. it that the Taisen movies they keep making keep getting worse and keep being made by the same people who keep screwing them up everytime. The Taisen movies are basically the bay formers. That have Bad writing, bad characterisation, bad directing, bad effects, they keep screwing with continuity & genuinely villianizing the heroes that we grew up with and idolized. So in conclusion.
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