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AKB48 Member Nao Ota Desires Driver's License Says She Wants to Drive a Race Car

Today January 28, the AKB48 Team8 in collaboration with Toyota announces the sale of their new car navigation system "AKB48 Team8 Original Navi". Nao Ota on stage says that if she gets a driver's license, she wants to ride a race car and participate in a race.

Amongst the number of AKB48 Team8 members, 6 were selected from each prefecture, namely Nao Ota, Kasumi Mogi, Nanami Sato, Shiori Sato, Nanase Yoshikawa and Yurina Gyouten to appear on stage.

A campaign which started last year April where Team8 Car Circle members would meet fans and encourage them to like cars more. The development of the car navigation system is a part of the said  campaign. "Its strange to think that such a small box contains the message of 47 people inside" Yoshikawa says.

The press conference was attended by about 200 fans. The car navigation system includes the group's original song "Seifuku no Hane" and a car navigation version of "47 no Suteki na Machi e" made the crowd wild. The original version of "47 no Suteki na Machi e" has a part where the members chant the prefectures while on the car navigation system it is being replaced by phrases recorded just for the car navigation system.

In addition to that, to commemorate the sale of the car navigation system, a member of the Car Circle also announced that she is planning to get her license. Ota who does not have a license yet says, "I am now so excited, as an individual I want to ride a race car and participate in a race."

The AKB48 Team8 Original Navi is limited edition as of today's release and is now available in Toyota dealers nationwide.

Original Article: Oricon

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