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Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Enter Zyuoh King & The Deathgalian Players

Check-out this new Terebi-kun magazine scans featuring the mighty Zyuohger mecha, Zyuoh King plus read some info about the Deathgalian Players.

When more trouble arises for the Zyuohger, they summon their respective Cube Animals via the Zyuoh Changer. They are comprised of Cube Eagle, Cube Shark, Cube Lion, Cube Elephant and Cube Tiger.

And if that is not enough, Cube's 1-2-3 can combine into the giant fighting robot called Zyuoh King and is armed with the King Sword.

What do the team use when they battle a speedy giant monster? They combine into Zyuoh King 1-5-4. And for more added firepower, Cube Giraffe can become a bazooka for Zyuoh King.

So what are the Deathgalian Players? They will be the MOTW for this series. When they are defeated in their normal state, Nalia appears and gives them a medal by inserting it to their body and after that, they grew into their giant state.

Source: Heroshock

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ROFL the mecha is still looking like a pile of boxes.....what an ugly piece of shit

  2. Anonymous Says:

    At least the suit looks more decent (if not better) than the toy version.

  3. TrueZero2 Says:

    Hmm, still going to have to see the mecha in action to get a good idea on it. The main thing I don't get is why Tiger replaces Shark. Surely having it be a swappable chest and arms would work better given the claws?

    As for the villains, looks like we've got a design quirk of a coin slot being present somewhere on the monster of the week, much like the patches on the Timeranger MotWs that let them grow. The main difference is that the medals have to be inserted by a third party, ie. Nalia.

    It's going to be one to watch, even if just to see everything in action.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That's not ugly. I guess toei goes vintage with this series' mecha

  5. pal kon Says:

    Better than toqger mecha

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon #1 : Thanks Captain Obvious for that insightful observation...... Yes, we already know the mechs are cubes. The super combination will also be cubes and the final, ultimate combination will be cubes. And so what if it isn't 100% aesthetically pleasing. What if the actual show is enjoyable enough that a not 100% cool looking robo is a non factor.

  7. Anonymous Says: it just me, or does the medal look like its missing it's center? True, I think I can see a crystal with a closer look (though it's hard to tell for sure), but at first glance I have to wonder if that'll be filled in later as/due to a villain power-up.

  8. You know the press release for Power Rangers Ninja Steel that talks about the villains being contestants in an alien fighting competition and those contestants being sent to earth to battle the rangers to steal the McGuffen that give them their ranger powers? Somehow with the concept of Cube animals and the Deathgalians coin/medal of honor gimmick I fell like this show would fit that concept better than Ninniger.

  9. Medals and animals... OOOs anyone?

  10. I'll say this, they look better in the show than they do in the toy version (obviously). Here they look more mechanical like and seeing that they are bigger it has more details. However, they still don't look that great they are trying too hard to make them look like cubes. The lion looks god awful; it looks like it's smiling at you and the mane of the lion is just a big square for some reason. Out of all the lion mecha's I've seen in sentai this is the worst looking one holy shit.

    They mecha robo, looks better than toq-oh I'll give it that, but like I said they are trying to hard to give it this cube, blockish, square look. The shark's face on the waist on the robo looks kind of ok. They squares on the mecha is too much, but it's not awful it's something that will grow on me. I do like the way they combine that's something we've never seen before. Just wish the animal face looks more like animals especially cube lion. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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