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Kamen Rider Ghost - January Episode Titles a Summaries

Here the titles and summaries for Kamen Rider Ghost this month of January. And yes, it will focus on Toucon Boost Soul and the debut of Kamen Rider Necrom.

Episode 13 (1/10/16): Daring! A Free Man!
After their reunion, Takeru thinks about the meaning behind his father’s words, “Connect the hearts of the 15 Heroes”. As luck would have it, Takeru runs into a young man named Nagamasa Tamura who is possessed by an Eyecon. The Eyecon in question is of the fortunate soldier of the Edo period: Ryoma Sakamoto. Takeru asks for Ryoma’s power and Nagamasa agrees but only if Takeru can fulfill his request.

Episode 14 (1/17/16): Superb View! The Earth’s Dawn! 
Nagamasa, an artificial satellite developer, wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father Satsunoshin and his brother Yoshiyuki, both pioneers of the trade. He dreamt about working together with them to create an artificial satellite. Unfortunately, when they were about to build one, Yoshiyuki passed away in a freak accident causing Satsunoshin to retire out of grief. In order to fulfill Nagamasa’s dream, Takeru tries to convince Satsunoshin to continue building the satellite.

Episode 15 (1/24/16): Anguish! The Stubborn Escape King! 
The Fukami siblings, Makoto and Kanon, are approached by Alan and Javel. Makoto attempts to fight Javel but is overwhelmed, which results in Kanon being kidnapped. Knowing that he can’t beat Javel as he is, Makoto tries to use the Eyecon of the “Escape King”, Houdini, even though its never let him use its power before.

Episode 16 (1/31/16): Perfect! The White Kamen Rider! 

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9 Responses
  1. From the sound of the title, I think KR Necrom will be a non-villain Rider.

  2. Asshole Says:

    Well, who knows? Could be that Alan has been trying and failing to create Necrom (he clearly has his own agenda) and he finally succeeds i.e the perfect Ganma/Rider hybrid. But of course, we will have to wait and see. I'm obviously hoping for a villain rider, at least until the real big boss enters the stage.

  3. But we still don't know who he is.

  4. Ono Says:

    The synopsis for eps 15 is such a spoiler. I'm glad though, knowing that someone is NOT dead yet.

    And agree with Ikhwan, the title doesn't make it sound like Necrom would be a bad guy. Then again, we kind of already get a clear hint of who's going to be Necrom, so it's still a mystery whether he's good or not.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    The word "perfect" could be an ironic title, like, "An evil rider just showed up. Well that's just perfect!"

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What's the clear hint?? I haven't seen anything... Then again, I also haven't been able to see last week's or today's episode. Still, some help please?

  7. @1st anonymous:

    Nah, I don't think the writers would be so sarcastic.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Normally the new rider is a totally new guy who has his own agenda to follow(or a totally random guy cof cof mayonese guy) so probably Necrom is a new guy although not mentioned anywhere yet.

  9. Maybe the "Perfect!" is referencing that after Wizard there's always a white rider
    Wizard - Wiseman
    Gaim - Zangetsu/Zangetsu Shin
    Drive - Mach
    Ghost - Necrom - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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