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Kamen Rider Ghost - OOO, Wizard & Fourze Legend Rider Soul Forms Plus Himiko, Sanzo & Grimm Soul Form First Look

The newest issue of Terebi-Kun has featured the next line-up of the Legendary Rider Soul Forms that Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Specter will be using in their youtube special series.

As seen in the scan above, Kamen Rider Ghost will be using the Wizard Legend Rider Eyecon to transform into Kamen Rider Ghost Wizard Soul Form while Kamen Rider Ghost will use the OOO and Fourze Legend Rider Eyecons.

And before we end this post, here's our first look at the newest Soul Forms: Himiko, Sanzo and Grimm Soul Form.

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10 Responses
  1. Notice the fact that Makoto is gonna end up yelling ,"Uchu Kitaaa!" when he uses Fourze Damashii! XD

  2. Blazer Says:

    RWBY Crossover confirmed

  3. Fourze should have gone to ghost cause he has one horn and wizard should have been specter and ooo should have had a different face, it looks so weird

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I want to buy the OOOs one as a real hoodie !

  5. Fourze has/had 2 antenna on his helmet(that strangely enough looked like eyebrows) so Spectre getting a form based on him makes more sense.

  6. Brain G Says:

    you mean kamen rider in rwby if so is it,the riders in hibiki

  7. Anonymous Says:

    by rwby he means the fact that necrom has grimm damashi and thats what the creatures are called in the series

  8. Anonymous Says:

    so no one going to point out the new ichigo costume in the corner? just going to pretend like it dont exist?

  9. I can't help noticing Kamen Rider #1 with Ghost and Spectre at bottom left on the magazine

  10. I'm looking forward to hear Makoto say "Uchu Kitaaaaaa!" - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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