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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Synopsis REVEALED + Saban and Nickelodeon Through 2018!

Big Power Rangers news is revealed today as Saban Brands and Nickelodeon confirm the upcoming 2017 season of Power Rangers to be Ninja Steel! On the heels of this big announcement, Nickelodeon also confirms they will continue working with Saban Brands through the year 2018, as well releasing a synopsis for "Power Ranger Ninja Steel" that reads as follows,

"Saban’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts deep in space, where Zircon is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, and monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Zircon is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Spirit Crystal, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars. The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenage Power Rangers who possess the Spirit Crystal. The evil Zircon sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Crystal, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, in order to stop this evil threat and save our planet from destruction."

We break down this news in great detail as well as the debunking of the Power Rangers to Netflix rumor and much more in our video below! **Power Rangers Ninja Steel Logo NOT official**

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22 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    A game show? Thats different and unexpected for a season based off ninja. I going to guess that Zircon is an Original villan and not based off someone in ninninger.

  2. TrueZero2 Says:

    "Zircon is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, and monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior."

    Bit different for a villain. One thing though. Why does a Ninja season's villain have to come from space again?

    "Zircon is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Spirit Crystal, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars."

    But why would he want to become invincible? If he's already the champion, that would probably carry quite some weight considering it's the most popular game show in the universe.

    "The evil Zircon sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Crystal, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe."

    But wouldn't that make Zircon the show's producer? Unless he's the champion of his own show?

  3. Unknown Says:

    and Saban has officaly lost his marbles

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The concept seems similliar with dino charge only replacing bounty hunter and his prisoners with game show champion and his contestant. The crystal things is really similliar with energems. I guess they are just using the show thing to make it fitting with the vareity of "zords" it will have. Also the ninninger generals have mask theming makes perfect sense with a game show. Guessing Zircon will use an original suit as well since he seems to have more active role than Gengetsu. Kyuemon probably will act as on field host. PR should stop using aliens as excuses. The last non alien enemies are from Samurai

  5. Unknown Says:

    I think its to set up SPD with aliens everywhere to sync up the timelines

  6. Unknown Says:

    I think this storyline sounds like they are trying to sync up the timeline with SPD

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I'll give the synopsis this: while having aliens for the 4th season (8?) in a row is annoying, the format of an intergalactic game show is different.

    I wonder if they'd try something especially bold and tie up a loose end from the past. One of the things that always bugged me was how in Power Rangers Ninja Storm they never explained the backstory of how Lothar went from a ninja in an academy to ruling a group of aliens. This could be a way to rectify that, as well as a way to find an in-story way of explaining why the Alien/Aquitar rangers had a ninja look. Obviously im probably giving this much more thought than the writers will but it'd be a nice way to put everything in a row and make use of the Kakuranger-Hurricanger team up and shuriken.

    As an aside, if they show the use of those two shurikens in the show, i'd like to see them edit the season so they're introduced mid season instead of the 5th episode like ninninger did.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds stupid,

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Alright, I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and I like the idea of the main villain being the star of a game show, but seriously... Zircon? I'm sorry, but that's probably the stupidest name I've ever heard in power rangers...

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else getting tired of seeing the storyline of an evil galactic enemy? Be original Saban this is not the 90s like how you did with Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Space, and Lost Galaxy. And if I see a "Super" Ninja Steel I'm done.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Isn't this plot just like dino charge's where this space villain is trying to take the powerful artifact (emerges/mystic crystal that's gives the Rangers there power and also is the power scourge for the collectible items(dino charger/ power throwing stars) just sayin.
    Also please for the love of Christ tell me they won't call the second season Ninja Super Steel.

  12. WOW, man as much as I don't like power rangers anymore, adapting ninninger already is nota good idea. Really "Ninja Steel"? why not Shuriken ninja's or something. Even the synopsis is lame a game show?? Why didn't Saban try to use trains it could've worked or even Go-Busters.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely excited about this season. I like how original it sounds.

  14. V Says:

    Judging on the premise alone, not optimistic but will at least watch the first episode or two before final judgement. Second, I have a feeling this may be asking too much, but Asian Red Ranger PLEASE! Given that there were three prior wasted opportunities (Samurai, Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm), I personally hope the casting directors do not hire ANOTHER white actor, or do as they did with Samurai and restrict the Red Ranger casting to solely white actors (yes, the casting directors ultimately backpedaled but still). Also, could they possibly move production back to the US next year?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    So they're skipping ToQger eh?

    I'm not really surprised. American kids don't give a damn about trains

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Can't wait for Super Ninja Steel

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Actually I'm pretty sure it would Ninja Super Steel

  18. Unknown Says:

    Eh, it sounds like it'll be more interesting than another "evil dude shows up, the heroes must train under some wise sensei guy" plot. Almost sounds like a Power Rangers version of Cell Games.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The idea of an alien hosting a game show sounds intriguing and is defiantly original and I don't mind the fact that it's another season with aliens as the bad guys. However, I'm not completely sold on the idea because there isn't enough information on the power rangers themselves.I won't be able to make a final decision on how this show will turn out until I hear more about who the power rangers are.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Fun fact: Some dude on Deviantart had the idea for an intergalactic game show as an explanation for the villains back in 2013.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    As long as Judd Lynn stay in charge, I'm okay with this. The guy has already done wonders for Dino Charge already and I'm sure he would had made Toqger a blast if he had the chance. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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