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Super Sentai Review: Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger

Tokosou Sentai Dekanger isn't all that typical to your Super Sentai. It's time to do a review on this series that is one of my favorites last decade. 

Dekaranger's story involves the core member of five rangers who are assigned to hunt down crime across the galaxy. The Earth branch doesn't have a red ranger yet so Banban Akaza gets assigned to become its version of Dekared. The other Dekarangers are focused on defeating an Alienizer case but they are incomplete. Ban arrives into the scene where he meets the others namely Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue (my personal favorite), Sen Enari/Deka Green, Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka Yellow and Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink. The five police officers learns what it is to be a police officer as they battle various criminal cases led by what the Galactic Police terms as "Alienizers". They are later joined by Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira.

The heroes are all faced with their conflicts as rangers under their commanding officer Doggie Kruger. Ban appears as a reckless (but will finish his homework) type of guy while Hoji is a pro creating some conflict between the two of them. Sen has his thinking pose but it wasn't all that explored. Jasmine and Umeko may be best friends but the two have some kind of conflict in values. Jasmine is serious while Umeko seems happy go lucky. Even with their differences, the Dekarangers managed to learn to work as a team. That was also challenged when Tetsu came to the scene during the Hell Siblings conflict. 

What makes the show not so much your typical Super Sentai is how villains are carried out. You don't have that typical "big giant organization" with the big bad, a couple of generals that you see in most Super Sentai. Instead, the show partly mimics the style of the police series like Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft. Now the show has one main villain in Abrella but other episodes end up as your typical "Wanted Dead or Alive" scenario. Abrella seldom shows up and helps these Alienizer criminals as their agent instead of hiring them. On the other hand, some of these Alienizer criminals just are your regular criminals carrying out their personal agendas. Some of them have bought their robots from him but others may have bought it from other sources. Who knows?

Throwback to Metal Hero anyone?

Dekaranger itself felt like a throwback to Metal Hero while being a Super Sentai series. The most obvious is the narrator's overly repetitive dialogue about just everything. The Dekarangers have their suits beamed down from Dekabase. Dekabase also transforms itself into a massive combat robot. The Space Police Dekaranger was also filled with anthropomorphic animals for officers while keeping the peace in the universe. A later robot known as Dekawing Robo would form the Dekawing Cannon, a shoutout to Vavilos in Shaider.

Final thoughts

Dekaranger itself is a fun series that went out of the typical Super Sentai mold. I didn't want to check it out at first because it felt atypical then I developed a stupid crush on Jasmine. Then I learned to look beyond that stupid crush on Jasmine for the show's well-written atypical type of Super Sentai. Ten years later, they had a fun reunion movie which for me was okay but not so much. But still, the main series has been a very fun ride. 

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