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#002 Cosplayer of the Week: NinjaKasumi

Our featured cosplayer of the week cosplayed one of the most memorable characters in Tokusatsu, specifically in the Metal Hero franchise; Annie(アニー). This week's cosplay feature is none other than NinjaKasumi from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines.


NinjaKasumi, otherwise known as Jamie Katrina L. Cabon, is a 25 year old online freelancer. Her hobbies are playing video games and drawing anime. She started cosplaying at 2011 as a Chunin Ninja, but says that her first decent cosplay was in 2013. A Japanese Cosplayer named Kipi inspired her to cosplay. 

Here are more of NinjaKasumi's cosplay.

JEFusion opens its doors to cosplayers all over the globe with JEFusion's very own cosplay feature; Cosplayer of the Week. Once a week we will be featuring cosplayers on the blog and learn more about the cosplayer than who they are cosplaying. To all cosplayers, this is your stage!

Just like NinjaKasumi, you can also be featured here on JEFusion's Cosplay Feature. For information and details regarding this email me , Tamiya at, with your best cosplay photo with the subject "JEFusion Cosplay Feature".

We are eagerly waiting for your entries.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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