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Death Note 2016 Film Casts Revealed

The 10th issue of Shueisha's weekly Shonen Jump magazine this year revealed the main casts for the Death Note 2016 live-action film.

Sosuke Ikematsu, Higen from The Last Samurai film, as Ryuzaki. Masahiro Higashide, Hideo Shimada from the live action Parasyte film, as Tsukuru Mishima. And Masaki Suda, Philip from the Kamen Rider W series, as YĆ«gi Shion.

In the film, Ryuzaki(Ikematsu) is L's successor and a world-famous detective. While Tsukuru Mishima(Higashide) is an investigator pursuing the Death Notes. And Yugi Shion(Suda) is a cyber terrorist who reveres Kira. The film will be a "forbidden sequel" to the two earlier live-action Death Note films.

The film takes us to the present day where successors of both L and Kira/Light Yagami wages a war over the 6 Death Notes on Earth. The "Six Note Rule" will be a crucial plot element. The rule states that up to 6 Death Notes may exist in the human world simultaneously. Meaning there may be up to 6 Shinigamis on Earth. Until this time, the Rule was only used in the manga while all other adaptations ruled it out.

The film is directed by Shinsuke Sato, director of Gantz, Gantz: Perfect Answer, and Library Wars films. The official website also announce the film is set to open in Japan this fall.

Original Article: Anime News Network

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