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Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Additional 6th Ranger & Personal Mecha Info

Check-out this new information for the Zyuohger team's 6th member and his personal mecha that was revealed from yesterday's 2nd quarter toy catalog listing post.

From Dobutsu Sentai:

"In late April, the Zyuoh Cube Weapon Animal Armament Cube Mole will be released for 900 yen. Cube Mole becomes a drill attachment for the main robots. It is the last Cube Animal needed to form Wild Zyuoh King. The next Cube Weapon Cube Bear will be released in mid-May for the same price. It can become an axe attachment for the main robots.

Early June will see the release of the “Three Beast Awakening” DX Zyuoh the Light for 3500 yen. It is the transformation device for Zyuoh the World. Push the numbered buttons and rotate the cube. It has four modes: “Transformation”, “Summon”, “Combine”, and “Cube Search”. The Zyuoh the Light will come with a mini-figure of Zyuoh the World Rhinos Form. 

Also releasing in early June is the “Reel Super-Rotation” DX Zyuoh the Gun Rod for 4200 yen. Zyuoh the World’s weapon; it can transform between Gun mode and Rod mode. With its reel super-rotation action you can unleash a deadly gatling attack.

In late June, Zyuoh Cube 7 Cube Crocodile will be released for 2300 yen. The animal partner of Zyuoh the World, it can transform from Cube mode to Crocodile mode. Cube Crocodile can be combined with both Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild. In late June, Zyuoh Cube 8 Cube Wolf will be released for 2300 yen. Another animal partner of Zyuoh the Wolf, it can transform from Cube to Wolf. Can combine with Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild.

The last animal partner of Zyuoh the World, Zyuoh Cube 9 Cube Rhinos, will be released in early July. The biggest of the three, Cube Rhinos can transform from Cube to Rhino. All three can combine together to form Tousai Zyuoh. Cube Rhinos forms both shoulders, the left arm, the upper right arm, and the lower half. Cube Crocodile forms the rest of the right arm while Cube Wolf forms the head and the upper chest."

So that's all folks, we now have the confirmation. Just my personal opinion:  Zyuoh The World should debut in the 17th or 21st episode to give more character development for the first 5 members just like those old sentai series where the 6th member always debuts on the 21st episode.

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm liking everything except for the name of the actual ranger and all the "the" in his stuff. Zyuoh the World sounds more like a robo name than anything, at least to me, anyway, though I am really liking the actual name of his robo. Tousai Zyuoh sounds cool.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is nitpicking, but I was honestly expecting more aerial and aquatic animals rather than land mammals... :(

    Also, no power ups for the non-reds?

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