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Kuroko no Basket Stage Main Visuals Released

Kuroko no Basket is a story about a team of senior high school student's journey to becoming Japan's number 1 in basketball.  Based on the popular manga by Fujimaki Tadoshi, the main visuals for the stage play Kuroko no Basuke: The Encounter has just been released.

Kuroku Tetsuya(Kensho Ono)  together with Kagami Taiga(Yuya Asato), Seirin Team Captain  Junpei Hyuga(Tetsuya Makita) and the team's "control tower" Izuki Shun(Ryutaro Akimoto) dubbed as Seirin High's "Generation of Miracles" goes up against the a full force team composed of High's Ryouta Kise(Mario Koroba), Shutoku High's Shintarō Midorima  (Ryo Hatakeyama), Touou Academy's Daiki Aomine(Shota Onuma), former Seirin High team member  Yukio Kasamatsu(Ryunosuke Matsumura), Shutoku High's Kazunari Takao(Takeshi James Yamada), and Touou Academy's Shoichi Imayoshi(Akihiro Hayashi).

The production will be screenplayed and directed by the Kaki-Kyu-Kaku theater company's writer and director, Nakayashi Norihito while the film choreography, drama,as well as the wide range of genre to be used on dance scenes and stage production will be under Etsuko Kawasaki.

The stage performance is scheduled from April 8 to April 24 at the Tokyo Ikebukuro Shinshine Theater. Tickets for the show will be on sale on February 27.

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2 Responses
  1. Shin Says:

    HAHAHAHA Are you sure Midorima isnt dancing ballet instead of playing baseball?

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