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Rina Kawaei Added to the Death Note Film's Roster of Cast

Today, Actress Rina Kawaei is announced as one of the cast for the new Death Note film. More information about Kawaei's character after the jump.

Kawaei's character plays as Sakura Aoi, an "ordinary girl" who picks up one of the 6 Death Notes and with it murders indiscriminately. Kawaei has taken a new step forward as an actress playing a psycho killer role. 

The film takes us to the present day where successors of both L and Kira/Light Yagami wages a war over the 6 Death Notes on Earth. The "Six Note Rule" will be a crucial plot element. The rule states that up to 6 Death Notes may exist in the human world simultaneously. Meaning there may be up to 6 Shinigamis on Earth. Until this time, the Rule was only used in the manga while all other adaptations ruled it out.

The film is directed by Shinsuke Sato, director of Gantz, Gantz: Perfect Answer, and Library Wars films. The official website also announce the film is set to open in Japan this fall.

Original Article: Oricon

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