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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 47 REVIEW - Season Finale!!

The season for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger finally comes to an end. As the climactic battle of good vs evil winds down, we explore the somber end to Kyuuemon, along with the Ninningers overcoming great odds without their abilities to battle the evil Kibaoni. Plus, much much more as we say so long to the Ninningers season!

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


    Piece of shit series never should've seen the light of day. Worst sentai EVER!!

    2 - dimensional characters. Boring plot. I saw it from beginning to end cringing every episode. Please oh please let the next one be good.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yaaay.. its finally over.
    What a "Shinkenger-like" ending... except - you know, it wasn't good.
    I am so glad to get rid of the BLANDEST "I'm getting fired up" red ranger.

    Let's hear it for the Rubix cube sentai ~

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow you must really love this series if you watched every single episode of it no matter how bad it was instead of just stop watching and wait for the next series but no you stuck through with it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I mean why would anyone keep watching something they don't even like. I mean they would have to be complete saddo that no one should listen to or take his opinion. Anyway I'm really glad you in joyed this series and I hope ninninger returns meets all your exceptions.

  4. I didn't mind this series. It wasn't perfect and the term "last ninja" is confusing, however, I liked the ending though the final battle was really short.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The final enemy defeated easlily just in few minutes. Lol... Lot of spare time to chit chat at the ending

  6. I reviewed the show because i enjoy Super Sentai and i know that there are few as their may be that are out there and do enjoy the show. I like to think that regardless of how bad a series is, there are some things to still find enjoyable about it or at least be able to break down and voice ones opinion about. I reviewed the show but doesn't mean i enjoyed it. If you watch my reviews, you do know i'm not a fan of the series as a whole but since i do reviews, it is my job and i enjoy doing my job. :) While i didn't enjoy the series, i hope some did and even if they didn't i hope everyone enjoyed the reviews. I look very forward to reviews for Zyuohger!!

  7. Ninninger was not really the best sentai at all but I'm not sure if it's the worst. Here's where the show fail for me, the show fail to have serious conflicting moments that put the characters in a pinch that allows them to come out of the that scenario, compelling character development (which is sad because that is what make sentai cool it's character development.) The least developed character of them all is shironinger she was never really developed properly, kirininger never just seem to be there to balance off the team (until the late thirties.) The best character of them all is momoninger. Not only being cute and mature but it appears the very smart and do like the sarcastic statements she makes. However, that character was not strong good enough to save the entire series. It's sort of like kyoryuger where red is getting the most attention of them all but worst. Takaharu just seem like a very generic hot headed character without compelling motifs.

    The show plot is extremely predictable especially the villains with the idea of the big boss being revived which has been done so many times, last episode was not bad at all but was not strong enough to save the series. This just felt like toei just wanted to have another sentai series just for the sake that they could get closer to the anniversary. If it's one thing though, that it odes have a better tone than toQger seeing that it toqger was consistently over the top. But it lacks interesting plot, and intriguing stories that Toqger had. Regardless, I did like the mecha, the fight scenes, awesome suits (although it's clearly obvious they got the idea for the suits from shurikenger but I'm cool with it.)and weaponry other than that it's a meh series.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This season was a HUGE disappointment! Grandpa was a dick the whole season. Takaharu was the worst Red Senshi ever! No indication of family at all. You could remove that aspect, make them all strangers, and it still would've played out the same. I kept hoping things would get better. They never did. The villains were lackluster. Hell they didn't even have an established villain base. Just a black backdrop. And Saban chose to adapt this over Toqger??? This was a drain to get through. The other 5 Sentai members were okay but not enough to save the show (the damn lawnmower!). May this be a prime example of how to do everything wrong in a Sentai show! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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