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#003 Jefusion Poll: Best Kamen Rider Babe

Some are cute, some are nice, while some could really kick some ass. Welcome to JEFusion Poll and today we are summing up the Best Babes in the Kamen Rider franchise.

For this poll we asked our readers, for them, who is the best babe in the Kamen Rider franchise irregardless of the character's stand whether she is from the goodie-good side, from the villains or even a guest character.

Best Kamen Rider Babe

11. Maya/Pearlshell Fangire/Queen
Kamen Rider Kiva
Actress: Saki Kagami

She was a force to be reckoned with and part of the villain group, but not hardened and evil like the rest of her species. She was playful, mostly because of how powerful she was. And she is pretty hot, except for when she gets that unexplained eye patch.
- Anonymous

10. Mezool/Aquatic Animal Greeed
Kamen Rider OOO
Actress: Honoka Miki
Voice: Yukana

She was otherworldly cute and pretty. She also had quite unique personality
- A.I.

09. Hina Izumi/
Kamen Rider OOO
Actress: Riho Takada

As for those who have "unusual" desire for her, she is one girl we look for. Although an ordinary human, she has bizarre strength we should be careful with. When she pulls you, you can't get out of her until her wants are obtained. When she sleeps, it's hard to open her hand to hold her, you are still able to tickle her. When she holds/hugs you tight, you will collapse and feel her "spirit". If you want an imouto(little sister), she is fit for us as she really cares about her brother(the time he's possessed by Ankh).
- Anonymous

08. Mai Takatsukasa/Woman of the Beginning
Kamen Rider Gaim
Actress: Yuumi Shida

She is cute and talented. I love her voice
- Rei

07. Koyomi Fueki/Kamen Rider Wiseman (Female)
Kamen Rider Wizard
Actress: Makoto Okunaka

She was the most central part of the Wizard plot as she was the Philosopher's Stone. She was the final hope for her father, friends, and especially Haruto. Haruto's hope changed from being his parents' final wish to her. She made people happy for existing in their lives whether it was the "real" her or the "doll" her.
- Anonymous

06. Miho Kirishima/Kamen Rider Femme
 Kamen Rider Ryuki
Actress: Natsuki Katou

With only one story and focus in the theatrical. She lit the screen with her beauty, sex appeal and femme fatale danger. She had a pseudo Cat Woman background of seducing and stealing from millionaires. Yet she did have  a good side in her. Though a alternate reality, she did single-handedly defeat and killed Kamen Rider Ouja with finesse. However her fate was sealed by Ryuga and she died a graceful yet beautiful death. All this effort is not possible without Natsuki Kato's brilliant performance as she planted the fact that Riders can be played by women and she is the first Hesei Female Rider to date. We need more female riders like Miho.
- Cyber9989

05. Hana/Kohana
Kamen Rider Den-O
Actress: Yuriko Shiratori(Hana), Tamaki Matsumoto (Kohana)

She's one of the toughest heroines in the Kamen Rider franchise, even after she is forcibly turned into a child.
- Klaus Danks

04. Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika
Kamen Rider Gaim
Actress: Minami Tsukui

Throughout the show she was featured in she showed nicely placed character development from Anti-Hero to Hero at some points. She also proved to be a challenge to the main characters both in and out of suit.
- Kristopher Sosa

03. Medic/Roimude 009
Kamen Rider Drive
Actress: Fumika Baba

Because when you are in pain, sadness, or suffering, she can be the girl(maybe a sister or girlfriend or nurse figure) to heal it. She could have been an ally from the start if she would not have been corrupted while healing other fellow Roidmudes. Good thing she becomes an ally(and also revealed her pure side) If we were Heart-sama, her appearance and caring side would make us heat up(Ifyouknowwhatimean).
- Anonymous
02. Natsumi Hikari/Kamen Rider Kivara
Kamen Rider Decade
Actress: Kana Mori

Possibly the most beautiful character in tokusatsu history and is possibly the only well-rounded character in Kamen Rider Decade. She is the only character likable while the main characters like Yusuke are either useless or just plain jerks like Tsukasa. She wants to find a way to prevent the dark future of the Kamen Riders from happening..
- Zaki

01. Kiriko Shijima
Kamen Rider Drive
Actress: Rio Uchida

Because she is different from other female sidekicks in KR. Instead of just watching from the sidelines, she actually helps out in the field to fight against the Roidmudes. She helps Shinnosuke to "start his engine", plays a vital role in the redemption of Chase, helped Shinnosuke revive, and the fact that she was the first tester of Drive helps too. (Also she's cute).
- KamenSenshi

Once a week, every Wednesday, we will be holding a poll to see what our readers' opinion about certain topics related to tokusatsu. The poll will run for a week every, starting every Wednesday, and its  results will be posted every Friday.

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16 Responses
  1. dhathor Says:

    I can fully agree with Kiriko being #1 had she not been reduced to a typical damsel-in-distress near the end of Drive. She should have at least continued being like that up until the end of the series. (But despite this, my heart will always be with Medic [pun intended] cuz while Rio Uchida is hot, Fumika Baba is one of those hotties who, IMO, defines the right balance of cute and sexy. :3 )

    And I'm also glad to see Yoko Minato here as she is indeed a true Kamen Rider, being that Minami Tsukui is both her in and out-of-suit actress at the same time. Not to mention, being badass and hot at the same time that I would like to put her amonsgt the ranks of Nao Nagasawa and Ayumi Kinoshita.

  2. Correction, Kamen Rider Femme appeared in Kamen Rider Ryuki not Zyuohgers!!!

  3. It's great to see my entry being featured as first :) I agree with the other entries too though, especially Medic and Mai

  4. Yuriko Shiratori..aaah, I love her lips..

  5. Pretty sad my thoughts on Naomi didn't included in your post, though I like her happy go lucky type girl who always warm welcome the guests from other dimension, even the fearsome Imagins in the series.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That's not a pun

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Medic is SO BIG

  8. Maybe it's just me but I'm genuinely bothered by Mezool's actress being on this list as she was like 14/15 at the time of the show airing....

  9. Shin Says:

    Medic wins for best body by far though.Fumika Baba FTW.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I can agree with this list though I would think Mari Sonoda, Naomi-chan, Wakana Sonozaki, Yuka Osada, Sumiko Ozawa, Smart Lady, Shiori Hirose, Mayu Inamori, Nadeshiko Misaki, Inga Blink, Erika Satonaka, Renge Takatori, Midori Takizawa, Rinko Daimon, Akira Amami, the Tachibana sisters, or the Kamen Rider Club girls would make it

  11. Koyomi Love,Koyomi Life... too bad she's dead :'(

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I would've added Rina Akiyama (Naomi) somewhere on the list

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Koyomi is definitely top 5 for me, though.

  14. I would also like to include Aya Kujou from W 21-22 for being a twisted yet corrupted police officer who seeking for revenge for the death of beloved one she loves the most.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Reon Kadena(Princess Alia).. Anybody notice that she is so cute...? heeee :D - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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