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Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 23 Clips - Grateful Soul Debut

Here it is folks! Check-out this week's clips from the 23rd episode of Kamen Rider Ghost featuring the transformation and battle debut of Takeru's new power-up form, Kamen Rider ghost Grateful Soul Form!

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13 Responses
  1. Definer Says:

    You know this specific blogging site is run by someone who is American if they make a point to change "Damashii" into what it means in English, "Soul", every time for a post about Kamen Rider Ghost. Though they didn't get the exact meaning of Damashii! lol

    "Damashii" means "souls" (go to this link for proof: so you're using the word "Soul" wrong! Add an "s" to "Soul"!

    What's next? Changing the word "Jefusion" to "Fusion"? XD

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm interested in knowing why Grimm & Sanzo went back to Aran at the end?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It feels like this should be a final form, not just super. I can only imagine what Mugen Damashi is like...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else kinda amused at how he stood there a good 10 seconds, just continually flipping the Eyecon Driver G's switches?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, Japanese doesn't work like English. Japanese doesn't focus on plural like English, where an s letter makes it plural. So don't try to be a grammar nazi when you don't even have knowledge on Japanese language

  6. Ravage Says:


    Actually, the creators of this site are from the Philippines. Not every person that types English is an "American". English is known all over the world mostly as a second language. If *you* yourself were Japanese, you would be so goddamn condescending towards the absence of one "s". You could make a similar mistake translating English into your native language and leave out a character. It's something so benign. Wait... You yourself *did* make a mistake in *your* comment!!!

    "What's next? Changing the word "Jefusion" to "Fusion"? XD"

    Actually, the site's name is JEFusion as it's noted on the left side of the webpage. (Japanese Entertainment Fusion is the long form name of this site)

    So yeah, hop on your high horse and ride the fuck on out of here. Kick rocks while you're at it...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Japanese, or most East Asian languages for that matter, do not use plurals unless you actually say that there are multiple of something (as in actually use a word to say there are more than one) or define an actual number. So no, "damashii", which is actually the rendaku pronunciation of "tamashii" (Surely, you'd have thought to make note about that in your comment displaying your flawless knowledge of Japanese...), is not "souls". If you're such a perfect linguist, surely you'd have the common sense to think that "Musashi Souls" (emphasis on your precious, extra "s") does not make any sense in English.
    What, did you take Japanese lessons on Rosetta Stone for a couple hours and think you were fluent all of a sudden? By the way, English is the third most spoken language in the world, so it would be quite foolish to assume every one who speaks it is American.

    Also, it's JEFusion, short for Japanese Entertainment Fusion.
    Now... Don't you feel silly?

  8. am betting Ghost will just Henshin straight to Grateful Damashii until final form debut episode

  9. Yup, I just hoping that he won't get any attack when he continually setup the final attack..hahaha :D

  10. Definer Says:

    *slow clapping* Guess my intention to trigger/piss off some people actually worked if the people are wasting their time responding to me!

    Must sting knowing you responded how I wanted you to! Trolololol! XD


    If people didn't realize my previous comment was meant to trigger people, the question about "Jefusion changing their name to fusion" thing was an obvious clue! XD

  11. Definer Says:


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Drawback appears to be that it does take all 15 Heroic Eyecons to use, therefore it leaves Specter without the use of Nobunaga, Tutankhamun, and Houdini (and by extension, Necrom without Grimm and Sanzo)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    They should call this Ghost King Form >_<
    If u guys notice this new form of KrGhost is totally look alike KrBlade King Form even the henshin almost 90% same .
    Here some throwback of KrBlade King Form >_< - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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