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Kamen Rider Ghost - Introducing Deep Specter

It's been a while since we get to enjoy Ghost's new mid summer power-up, the Grateful Soul Form. This time, here's our first look on Makoto's upcoming power-up form, Kamen Rider Deep Specter!

Makoto can access this form by activating the power of the Deep Specter Eyecon. In this form, he is armed with the deepslasher (a repaint of the sunglasslasher). Makoto will test this new form's strength by going up against the Ganmaizer Fire!

Source: Ranger Shogun Officiel 

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10 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    It doesn't look that bad.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So pretty much Specter's tokon boost.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe I have too high expectation from the deep specter shadow image before. It's not cool like I imagined before..

    But, still interesting indeed..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Body and face look pretty good but the horns make him look like a dear.
    Name kinda stupid
    Also help me out here. The eyecon reminds me of something but I can't recall off the top of my head

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This suit is really cool, although an entirely new face would have made it cooler. (It's just Specter's original face in silver with a few blue lines.) I expect the eyecon will be kinda bland like the Toucon Boost, even if it looks cool. The Deep Slasher looks like the Sunglasslasher colord to look like the Sonic Arrow. Would've liked to see an entirely new weapon, though, maybe a Gangun Hand upgrade or something.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Probably Deep Specter wasn't in their plans in the same way as Baron Lemon Energy in Gaim.
    Specter proved to be very popular, and the public demanded a new form for him.

  7. Name: "Deep" Spectre
    Expectation: Sorrowful, Dark, lot of Sad Things Kamen Rider form
    Reality: Flashy Kamen Rider

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Deep Specter was planned along with Toucon Boost. The detailing of the costume isn't a rush job or a modular piece that can be retrofitted like Baron Lemon Energy or even both Dead Heats.

    I don't know why somebody thought DS was gonna be sorrowful or dark... There was never any allusion to that. The Ganma themselves aren't necessarily sorrowful or dark. Look at Cubi. He's just a Ganma that wants to be happy painting things.

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