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Military/Government Super Sentai Teams: In Or Out?

It's been a long while since I wrote an editorial and I really missed interacting with you guys and gals of the Tokusatsu fandom so let's talk about the Super Sentai teams that were formed and are owned by the military, government and the law enforcement agency.

Before we start talking about this not so long topic, let's get to know the Super Sentai teams that are involved in this little editorial of mine.

Secret Squadron Goranger - The very first Super Sentai team (and the very first government owned) that was formed by EAGLE (Earth Guard League) to battle the Black Cross terrorist group. 

JAKQ Blitzkrieg Squad - The second government owned team that succeeded Goranger. This team was formed by Interpol as a counter measure against an evil syndicate CRIME. 

Battle Fever J - A team of young trained agents (one of them is an FBI agent) that was formed by General Kurama to fight against the secret society of Egos.  

Solar Squadron Sun Vulcan - A team comprised of the air force, navy and ranger corps. Formed by Commander Arashiyama to combat the threat of the Machine Empire Black Magma.

Blitzkrieg Squadron Changeman - Formed by the military branch called EDF (Earth Defense Force) to safeguard the earth against the alien threat called the Great Star League Gozma.

Laser Squadron Maskman - Five young martial arts masters recruited by Commander Sugata to counter the invading forces of the Underground Empire Tube.

Superhuman/Birdman Squadron Jetman - Five individuals that were given powers by the Birdonic Wave. Guided by Commander Aya Odiagiri of SKY FORCE, they combat the threat of the dimensional conquerors known as Vyram.

Super Powered Squadron Ohranger - Five military officers that was assembled by Chief Miura of the UAOH who will don power suits that is powered by the ancient energy of the Tetrahedron Pyramid. Their mission: safeguard the earth against the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Future Taskforce Timeranger - Four time travelling TPD (Time Protection Department) agents from the year 3000 assisted by a young man from the year 2000 who, along with the City Guardians, are tasked to recapture escaped fugitives lead by the Londarz crime family.

Special Investigation Taskforce Dekaranger - Elite agents of a space police force known as SPD (Special Police Dekaranger) and lead by by the Earth branch Chief, Doggie Kruger to investigate and stop the criminal activities of evil Alienizers.

Special Ops Go-Buster - 3 young, highly trained agents, together with their mechanical "Buddy-roids", who are tasked to guard the city and it's main energy source, the "Enetron" against a dimensional threat known as Vaglass.

And without further delay, let's all talk about this: are military/government themed Super Sentai teams still a hot trend or is it a thing of the past?

With the exception of some shows, this type of series from the Super Sentai franchise starts out cool in the first half of the season then end up enraging the fans due to the sudden drop of quality to the point that some of it's merchandise are also dropping low on sales.

I myself grew from a generation of family that came from a military background. Watching this kind of Super Sentai series makes me think that this kind of series has a more realistic feel in it. Why you ask? For starters, everything from their powers to their weapons and vehicles are man made except for Dekaranger that is alien tech, Heck, if given a chance, with today's technology, all of this can be realized in just a few years.

This kind of series are the reason that i can watch this show together with my dad who (was an army commander back in the day) is a loyal fan of the Ultra series. He likes the way that this team are assisted by military powers specially in Ohranger were they get air and land support from the UAOH team plus the point where the heads of the organizations are having headaches due to damage control while those animal or non-military teams are not open to this problems. Some where awesome, like Changeman was and some were not like my favorite, Ohranger.

I know and accept the fact that this kind of shows are sometimes not suited for younger audiences because some of them does not understand the nature of the theme (unless they have parents that work for the government or the army) but my question is: do we still need more of almost realistic, stick-to-real world series or should Super Sentai stick to the fantasy and alien tech themed series? Does this kind of theme appeal to you? It's been a long time since the last series which is Go-Busters.

And yes, still kinda wondering if Gogo Five, beside the part that the members are working for the government, is part of a government project due to the fact that Prof. Tatsumi cannot fund alone this one unless he is richer than Stark or Wayne.

So that's that, lemme hear about your thoughts on this one.

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18 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder if Kamen Rider can use that gimmick.

  2. Unknown Says:

    To be honest that theme other than time ranger is crap

  3. Closest thing we can get is Kamen Rider Blade's BOARD company and Kamen Rider Kabuto's ZECT which is a private which was funded by a company too. And yeah we have Kamen Rider G3 of the MPD and Kamen Rider Drive.

  4. I respectfully disagree. I find it to have more lovable cast and characters. You really grow to appreciate the bond between the characters. Since they come from military backgrounds they're more mature and they do the job not for themselves but for others. I understand the latter may apply to all sentai teams technically. But non military sentai sometimes have more selfish reasons. Take for examples Takaharu from Ninininger for a long while all he cared about was becoming the last ninja. And Gokaigar was full of selfishness to. The military sentai just have the better comradarie and family bond between the members.

    Again by no means am I saying non military suck or are totally selfish(gokaigar cast all had deep personal reasons for fighting to). Just my two cents.

  5. marty Says:

    You know what i think,I think that military/govt sentai are in especially about the almost realistic, stick-to-real world series part but saying about the younger audience yeah i see what you mean heck i guess this is one of the reasons why go-buster is the least popular sentai series.

  6. @mailman35419 - exactly! that's one of the main reasons that i watch this kind of series, the characters depicted in it has responsibilities, which is one of the main lessons in the show, while some series doesnt show this ex:carranger, or any animal themed series. "Hey we just kicked some serious ass! Let the government take care of the mess coz' we payin' tax money! We're outta here!".

  7. Actually im kinda love this kind of series. It has been a while since we had a red ranger that is really mature in attitude, seriousness and responsible. Sentai is not just about kids and toy sales, it also includes protecting the world and military or police are forces that keep this world in peace. To be honest, i have my own imagination about a military sentai in my mind.

  8. To be honest, im kinda love this kind of theme. It has been a while since we had a red senshi who is mature in attitude, responsibility, professional and seriousness like hiromu. Sentai isnt just about kids or toy sales, it also includes protecting the world and military or police are forces that keep this world in peace. In addition, i have my own imagination about a military sentai in my mind

  9. V Says:

    On the one hand, these government organizations have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal...and instead of supplying the MILITARY with the training (who WOULDN'T want to pilot a mech?) and equipment (laser/energy blasters, other advanced weapons and armor) to fight these threats, alien or otherwise, instead you give it to five teenagers/young people. As it was said in the first episode of Operation Overdrive, "You're rich, buy an army!" Just saying. On the other hand, the military intervenes too much in a civilian organization and deploys drones to fight (with predictably disastrous results; see Jetman and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue). Further on that point, Power Rangers makes police and the military seem flat out incompetent when it comes especially to if they have any confrontations with enemy foot soldiers (how many times did a police officer walk away from a fight with a Putty? As if these individuals don't have any hand to hand combat training).

  10. @V - unless you want to count out those police officers from the rescue metal hero series and from kamen rider kuuga. Those guys mean serious business. they dont take no crap from those MOTW. if they have to bust some caps they will. i remember this scene from kamen rider kabuto were tendou made monkeys out of the whole police dept. if i were that one cop, ill shoot tendou in the leg and make him pay for his actions in jail. but noooo, tendou is so beautiful lets allow our butts to connect on his shoes.

  11. I barely do consider GoGo V a government/military sentai because the team are members of Tokyo's Emergency Rescue Services. Their dad is allied with the siblings superior officer and they have a personal relationship with the city government.

  12. dhathor Says:

    Personally, I feel that if I can make a really dark Sentai series, it would also be military/government-funded-themed in which near the end of the series, they'll find out that the organiztion they were working for was the enemy all along (of course, with bits of foreshadowing such as corruption within the organization). And to make things more dramatic, the organization takes away their powers. From there, I can go with two routes: (1) defeat them even without their powers and gizmos; or (2) get their powers back somehow (of course, in a rational and plausible way and not through some sort of out-of-nowhere miracle) and save the day.

  13. Nicely done on the editorial.

  14. And Kamen Rider OOO's Kougami Foundation (can't forget his chant of HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and Kamen Rider Gaim's Yggdrasill Corporation too.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i think about Tomica Rescue Force and Tomica Rescue Fire, in th├Ęse series, all the teams were working like a military organization. I was a big fan. I still wonder why tomica hero stopped because it was a good story. The mecha were made by human also. I have seen jetman in French but for some reasons the French television decided not to show every episode because It was to dark for young children. The only cartoon that was like a super sentai was Galaxy Railway. Lots of teams armed with train were protecting Destiny and the planets. Each team had a captain like bulge or Wallace and obeyed to a commander and for once a general. The other series in power rangers were light speed rescue, super police delta and rpm, time force maybe.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Drive uses this gimmick partially. I mean he works for the police but his rider identity technically only helps the police. you can also count Zangetsu as one an especialy G3, even though these two aren't the main riders

  17. V Says:

    @Gaiatron, I specifically said Power Rangers, not Sentai, Kamen Rider or *insert toku franchise here*. The only exception so far would be the Silver Guardians from Time Force

  18. elkiote Says:

    Yes, gogov should count as government owned, so should liveman since their school is sponsered by the government - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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