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New Kamen Rider Series Registered: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

An image from a twitter account called trademark_bot has surfaced registering the next, and we all know that it will be this year's Kamen Rider anniversary series: Kamen Rider EX-AID.

The trademark was filed by Toei under the trademark number 2016-59343. No other info was handed out so stay tuned as always!

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32 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like he is more emergency response hero

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ex-Aid? That sounds... pretty odd, yet unique. From it, I'm guessing it could be like GoGoV or Tomica Hero Force because that'd be awesome.

    And I hope to god that the series will be better than frickin' Ghost, and that we have a nice-looking main Rider too.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    EX-AID I'm gonna guess Emergacy Aid & Rescue kinda like GoGoV

  4. V Says:

    And how many times have we seen "official" titles, copyright paperwork etc. only for them to be debunked days later? I'll wait until the actual, verified official announcement

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I thought the current series was the anniversary

  6. They try to emphasis the "AID" part. And we know the 9 motif will come. I'm thinking about the Japanese 9 pronounced as "Kyu" and the word "emergency" is "Kinkyū" (緊急). IMO we might'v got the emergency kamen rider with an ability to aiding ppl in needed.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think it's Ex-Aid. It could be strange. the katakana said 'eguzeido'.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm... EX-AID huh? You know if you say it fast enough, it sounds a bit like exceed.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I think at this phase we should all take it with a couple grains of salt. Anyone remember Kamen Rider Saido/Xaido, which ended up being either Wizard or Gaim? It could end up like that.

  10. Unknown Says:

    How the hell do you even pronounce that? Kamen rider E X aid, or is it phonetic like exaid all together?

  11. Unknown Says:

    This is such a unexpected news. Anniversary show, again?
    Just don't make it lame, again.

  12. Hmmmm...rescue-themed Rider? Interesting.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Cancel Ghost immediately.

  14. Unknown Says:

    sounds like a Rescue-theme for some reason

  15. Yeah, we should cancel Ghost ASAP, then reuse prop from the previous Rider series including the belt, mash them up together to make Ex Aid Rider suit. For script writing, f them all, just do whatever the story you want ala Gintama,and then lights, camera, Action immediately.


  16. chouz Says:

    My guess is Ex-Aid, sound like X8...meaning "18th" Kamen Rider

  17. EX-AID sounds like Decade.....

  18. Anonymous Says:

    @ 2nd Anon: It would be awesome to see a cross-over between EX-Aid, GoGoV and tomica Hero Force, but something tells me I shouldn't get my hopes up.
    I'm still for a cross-over between MagiRanger, Kamen Rider Wizard and Maho Girls Precure :)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, come to think of it, this Rider name may have connections to do with technology/internet if you look at the first three kana, which translate to "EXE". So, it could be that motif combined with the rescue theme perhaps? Dunno how that would work but could be interesting to say the least. Oh, and in response to V's comment, I remember the "Rize" name popping up and was confirmed to be the next official name only that was debunked a short time later, only that the copyright info about it was fake. I don't recall other instances like that.

    And by the way, I was Anonymous #2.

  20. Gallant Spear Says:


  21. Anonymous Says:

    Just wait till it ends.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Ex aid should be written as ekusu aido.
    But, that only written as eguzeido...

  23. Unknown Says:

    I'm looking for the 9 gimmick

  24. Anonymous Says:

    "Eguzeido"? Could this be the egg-themed rider that was rumored before Fourze?

  25. Unknown Says:

    That means exceed.. not x-aid.. lol.. :v

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Ex-aid maybe read excited, because it is anniversay year

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I think it will be Kamen Rider "Excite" :)

  28. Shin Says:

    Gaim ruined Kamen Rider for me.Now all the other Kamen Rider series seem too stupid and without any proper plot to me.Its being a torture to watch Ghost.

    I really hope this year's KR is better.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Lol given the prefix "ex" it means anti-aid, lol, be a good teist if the good guy takes lives that meant to be taken cause they deserve it. While the bad guys save the lives cause they need the evil aura, soul or etc.

  30. Unknown Says:

    See Shin we can't think like that. Kuuga did the same thing for a lot of other people but people always gotta remember what
    Goes into the production of a show. We got directors, designers, writers, actors, producers. People always going "why can't this show be like Kuuga/Gaim" well the simple answer is that we don't have the same people working on it. The main reason gaim was the way it was , well just check the staff list. There was one write everyone got excited about and he was mostly him. Very Kamen rider is its own contained story, with its own set of people working on it. We can't constantly compare it to other seasons or else we risk ruining it for our selves. Starting every show with a clean slate it is the best way to enjoy them. I personally love ghost. The concept was interesting, the collectible gimmick intiseing, the forms nice to look at, the story point thought provoking. Hell I think Alain is one of the best villain to hero transitions I've seen in Kamen rider. Anyway to rap up, not every rider, or any other rider show can be gaim. Every show is it's own thing and that is what else haft to remember.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Drive >>>>>> Gaim

  32. Unknown Says:

    it could be EXEID i think. not EXE-AID or EXEAID
    As far as i know, the word EGUZE alone, translated as EXE. the word EX or X, would be translated as EKUSU/EGUSU or whatever you named it. like RX(ARU EKUSU). not EGUZE/EKUZE. so if you combine it with ID, it should be named as EXEID. i am kinda surprise when i tried to insert the word EXEID in google translate and set translate from japanese. when i clicked the sound button, it sounds EKUZEIDO. not EKUZEAIDI. i think that word(EKUZEIDO)sounds a little bit similar to eguzeido. and when you insert exeaid, it will sound as ekuze-EIDO. not EGUZEIDO. but EKUZE-EIDO. with an extra "E" before IDO. so i think it must bu EXEID. and if that's true, then the theme should be around technology/internet and IDENTITY, i think. or something like go-busters. virus villain theme. and our hero is the "ANTI-VIRUS" KAMEN RIDER. maybe. but overall, i doubt the word EXE-AID would be the name of our kamen rider in romaji

    PS: did you know the word EXEID is also sound like a pun(japanese joke based on word sound) for X-8(18). FYI, kamen rider GHOST is the 17th instalation of the heisei kamen rider series(start from kuuga). so our next kamen rider would be 18th

    Sorry for my english
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