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Kamen Rider EX-Aid - First Official Look On Kamen Rider EX-Aid

With almost 2 weeks left before we see the official reveal of the newest Kamen Rider hero, a leaked image of a Rider Hero Series figure has surfaced giving all of us fans the first look on Kamen Rider EX-Aid!

This soft vinyl figure a pink or purple body, black trimmings and black leggings with silver and green highlights with buttons on the chest which represents the series' video game theme while his helmet has a sculpted hair design.

The kanji is also translated as Kamen Rider EX-Aid Gamer Level 2 meaning that this new hero will gain multiple forms via level-up.

So what's your initial though on this new Rider's look? Let's wait for the new Terebi magazine scans for the live look on Kamen Rider EX-Aid.

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69 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please tell me that this is a joke. I can't believe that that is a Kamen Rider design.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what the...look like Ben10, hahaha

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. TheJaz49 Says:

    Oh boy... I can already tell there's going to be a backlash against this suit. Honestly I like the unique and (almost ridiculously) flamboyant and campy colour scheme. I didn't like the hair sculpt at first but the more i looked at the face the more the head design just sort of came together for me. The suit overall is a bit ridiculous, but I don't have anything against that. I actually sort of can't wait to see this guy in action now! But overall I still just really hope the show is good...

  5. Unknown Says:

    He looks like Akiba Red from Akibaranger.

  6. WOW..I.. I... Don't know what to say. I haven't had a WTF reaction for a kamen rider suit since Fourze. It doesn't look good to me at all. It has that sort of gaming console look like fourze, the colour pink and green don't really mesh well together (kinda reminds me of Barney). I'm pretty sure that this isn't his default form seeing that it says level 2. I do like how the black lines on his body are and I do like the side and the back of his helmet. That hair though looks horendous, it almost looks like a parody almost like akiba red. Of course, I'll wait for the official suit comes out but I highly doubt it's gonna change that much but we'll see. Plus, when I compare my reaction of this to fourze it's much better and I got used to fourze suit pretty quick so I might get use to this too.

    The most important thing though for me though is the story, characters, action and tone. If the tone is ridiculously childish then oh boy, we have a cheese fest.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This's Akibaranger, Akibapink. Lol

  8. Kamen Rider Chip Says:


    Kamen Rider Decade with hair? :/

  9. Unknown Says:


  10. anon1 Says:

    wow.... just wow.....

  11. Unknown Says:

    Never in my wildest imaginations that Ex-Aid's gonna look like this.
    I know this is lame but I'll say it anyway...

  12. Unknown Says:

    I seriously doubt that's the color scheme, I think this is one of those times that J.E fusion gets a "Leaked" image without taking two seconds to check the source and posts it any way you can moderate my comment all you want J.E. Fusion but you know I'm right.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    So the rumored design is real... I'm expecting a good toy design with that gaming theme this year. Just please don't follow the Sentai trend... The cubes suck...

  14. Oh... T-That's our next Rider? I'm down for a video game based Rider but that helmet. Sheesh. Maybe if I see the actual suit inside of a vinyl figure my opinion might change.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    its his brother ........

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This is so weird looking but I LOVE IT.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    He really does match with the rumoured sketch very well. The design itself looks alright though, but I'm not really a fan of the colour choice for the suit. By the way, it's "Action Gamer Level 2" next to his name below, just for a little correction.

  18. Unknown Says:

    It's unique, we don't see a lot of pink riders. The hair is rather funny in my opinion though

  19. Asshole Says:

    What the fuck?! I don't know how to feel about this look. On the one hand, it's different, and that's good, but damn it just looks weird. Hoping somebody says this is a fake, because I just don't know. It's something about the face. Fuck!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Dafuq is that??

    I'm usually not one to complain about the looks of Kamen Riders before actually seeing the series, but this is looking reaaaally strange.

    His chest resembles a SNES controller...

  21. Anonymous Says:

    The suit is just... bad. Seriously, what the hell is up with the eyes? And the suit itself just doesn't look right at all, as it looks really awkward and rather silly. The series had better be good.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I'm getting a Kamen Rider Akibaranger vibe from this design...

    But a video gamed themed Rider to go with Zyuogher... fair enough!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Love the concept, not liking the design at all. It's mainly just the colors and helmet. If those were different, I think it would be perfect.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i don't mind this design but it's gonna look stupid next to Ghost Xd

  25. Anonymous Says:

    should be kamen rider anime. anime hair. anime eyes. i know with the stonger form, the hair will absolutely get new colour, but if the hair grow longer, then forget about kamen rider anime. call him kamen rider saiya/buu-saiya

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my god, are you kidding me?! What the hell Toei!!

  27. e Says:

    This is fake. Not good rider design

  28. Anonymous Says:

    KR peaked at Wizard, IMO.

    Wizard was the best Kamen Rider design and series.

  29. Unknown Says:

    Probably one of those RL/VideoGameWorld fad thats going around lately.

  30. I'm in loss of words. He looks so bad. Reminds of me the unofficial sentai akibaranger.

  31. Unknown Says:

    Another pink/magenta rider. Looks fun, can't wait to see what he can do.

  32. This is what happens when Kamen Rider Decade and Akiba Red had a baby. :3

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Every year everyone will crap on the newest design (except for wizard, that was a 10/10 design), People, please keep in mind this is a soft vinyl figure and has probably very limited colors in comparison to the actual suit and the S.H. figuarts stuff.

  34. Unknown Says:

    Who wants to bet that this Rider is game base.

  35. kojin66 Says:

    I'm actually interested in this design. It could get really interesting based on the level system. Given that this image is of a LV2 form, it may not entirely be his base form.

    I'll be okay with whatever as long as the story turns out to be decent. I wasn't a big fan of the suits in Gaim, but the story was stellar.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    For me honestly the suit took some getting used to the pink and the hair. But now when I look at it to me it's pretty cool looking

  37. Anonymous Says:

    If you look at the image, you can see that he's got something similar to a wig on the back of the head, right??

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I'm liking the design for Ex-Aid but I also hope we get cool forms this year

  39. joshua Says:

    I honestly disagree. Wizard was perhaps the most one dimensional, uninspired, repetitious, and most obviously Plot driven Kamen Rider since Decade. That is bad. The design kept it afloat. IMO it peaked at Gaim, Drive wasn't bad just missing potential, and Ghost honestly feels better executed than Drive.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I think it's more their disowned love child than lost brother.

  41. Anonymous Says:


    I can dig.

  42. joshua Says:

    I'm not excited about its design. Its unique. But unique =/= good and most people are often afraid to express that. The design itself is okay but the color separation. The green accents, and the helmet... Sweet holy Kouta and Mai; this is bad. I hope they pull a Double and improve with the gimmick form change. Because they somehow succeeded in making a design worse than Fourze. Just hope the design isn't an obvious direction of the series.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    So I know English isn't your guys first language but a leaked picture via a Japanese message board is by no means "official" this is dishonest reporting you guys do

  44. Unknown Says:

    Honestly would just like a better color scheme.. Kind of meh on Ex-aid
    It is a figure so colors may vary

  45. Anonymous Says:


  46. Anonymous Says:

    actually I love it i'll never let go go go of Ghost but this might be a nice runner-up to It Save the hate Till it aires! you people are waaaay too quick to judge a book by it's Cover enough is Enough!!!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    What in the living hell is this? I understand the gamer motif and I'm down with that, but this man is by far the worst Kamen Rider design ever. Also the name EX-Aid makes no sense.

  48. Fenris Says:

    First impression is same as TripleAces. This seems as "out there" as Fourze, but as soon as I saw the suit in action and the characters, Fourze became one of my favs. The only thing I'm REALLY afraid of is the eyes. From the looks of it they are going with big anime eyes, and I don't want the show to try to express with them to make an Emoji Rider.

  49. xxHyperxx Says:

    This looks genuinely great. I can't wait to see this suit in action (Hope the writing holds up well too).

  50. Anonymous Says:

    THANK YOU. Finally some one who doesn't think ghost is a bad season, and after reading all of these comments people are wayyy to quick to judge Ex-Aid, I think he looks pretty cool also next scans might feature a better detailed version of the suit (because I heard Ex-Aid is going to be in it)

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Design is ok, but the color scheme is horrendous!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    kamen rider haven't future......

  53. So... KAMEN RIDER EX-AID x AKIBARANGER x KAKASHI crossover movie in the making? Hahahha

  54. Unknown Says:

    Hahahaha!! Bastard son of Nobuo and Tsukasa

  55. Unknown Says:

    It does. Toei already registered gaming theme trademarks for Ex-Aid.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Oh god,help us with change the design:")

  57. Anonymous Says:

    That's why kamen rider and tokusatsu sucks... their looks like a transvestite

  58. You know...I kinda fucking hate him mostly, but don't get me wrong, I LOVE the gaming motif they're going with because I'm a gamer myself and I really like this theme. But I hope the toys won't have sounds and musics that will make me kill him with a fucking Fatality or something.

  59. LFS Says:

    i was like wtf is this shit !!!
    second look hmmmmm looks so difreent i wouldnt mind that desigen for a change
    just lets hope its fun series to watch

  60. Anonymous Says:

    I see akibaranger pink...

  61. Hate TVKamenRider Says:

    I think we can say it 'The Downfall of Kamen Rider', TOEI Character designer are bunch of weirdos!!! I can't stand to see this weird color and gay design. Fourze, Wizard and Ghost are trash just like this one. I think I will stop to see Kamen Rider until Amazons comeback next year.

  62. I just saw this fucking scan on Twitter and I gotta say that...

    Here's the fucking tweet if you want to see how fucking ASS! he is:

  63. Unknown Says:

    for me the armor for lower body is okay. But the head?? oh no wat the...
    that is not kamen rider style.. there is no insect eye based in this helmet..
    i know kamen rider target viewers is almost kids but i hope this will change..

    P.S (sorry for bad grammar)

  64. Anonymous Says:

    for me the armor for lower body is okay. But the head?? oh no wat the...
    that is not kamen rider style.. there is no insect eye based in this helmet..
    i know kamen rider target viewers is almost kids but i hope this will change..

    P.S (sorry for bad grammar)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    your welcome Sir i'm happy to someone who likes Ghost too! (personally i Love Ghost the most lol)

  66. What the actual heck is that?

    Looks so...plastic :(

  67. Jip jip Says:

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