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New Zyuohger Toys Revealed! Dodekaioh hits the stage!

"Honna Kakusei!"

Another update for the Zyuohger DX line from our dearest friends from GreatToysOnline, here it is folks! Presenting Zyuoh Whale's personal mecha and probably the colossus of the series, Dodekaioh! Seeing that it is a whale-based mecha, it is without a doubt one of the largest mechas ever made, with the previous series' Lion Haoh still towering it, 420 mm versus 320 mm. 

Also another update, a new Cube Weapon, Cube Octopus which could attach at the back of Zyuoh King, and now feast your eyes on a new, gold-themed Zyuoh Changer/Oja no Shikaku, the Zyuoh Changer Final. Who would be utilizing this changer you say? Well, we have a guess. The catalog also previews an orange-colored Zyuoh Eagle with gold higlights, named Zyuoh Bird. Yep, we might be seeing the Bird Zyuman transform after all, finally ending the conflict that he has a King's Credential/Champion's Symbol. We'll see what will happen in the coming episodes.

So that's about it, new Zyuohger toys revealed, and you got it first from JEFusion! We'll keep you guys updated once further information arrives! 

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12 Responses
  1. Three things on my mind:
    -Dodekaioh looks okay, I think it looks different from its silhouette, and I feel that it has the same size as ToQ Teioh.
    -I really like the cube octopus. With it on the the Zyuoh King reminds me of Goran-Gokai oh. And it kind of reminds me of the Tako candroid from Kamen Rider OOO, both being octopi and their legs spin.
    -And in all seriousness, why is there an orange repaint of zyuoh eagle? At least add some more detail to him; shoulder armor, waist armor, gauntlets, etc

  2. Anonymous Says:

    On first glance, I'm kinda disappointed by Dodekaioh. There's not even a true "Cube Whale" form, and Wild Tousai Dodeka King is kinda lazy, as the legs are just 4 stacked cubes each. I'll still wait for the release to make a true judgement.
    On the other picture, I knew the Eagle Zyuman wouldn't be TheWorld and would end up as some kind of Zyuoh Eagle form. Even if it's just an orange recolor, I think it looks good. Well, for everyone who insisted TheWorld was absolutely orange, here's your orange Zyuohger. The Zyuoh Changer Final looks nice, and so does Cube Octopus. If it transforms the way I think, it reminds me a lot of the Tako Candroid from Kamen Rider OOO. I like how it makes a 4-piece gattai, which unless you count the Cube Animal Weapons, is new.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly zyuoh eagle kinda looks better orange

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Lame a recoloured Zyuoh Eagle ...the mecha are really cool concepts tho ..looking forward to it ..i hope Zyuoh Bird gets a unique weapon not the Eaglerizer

  5. All this time with Sentai trying to cram more and more mecha into a combination, and they still haven't beaten vehicle Voltron's record (15 parts). But this one came pretty darn close.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa! i really Like DodekaiOh! thanks for posting JEFuison! XD

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The individual mech looks alright, it's going to grow on me. But the combined mech (from all of the cube animals) looks pretty cool, I think it might be the final mech but maybe not.

  8. What sucks is that it won't be out till November (the whale) so I can buy it at PMC. Man and I was planning on buying all the cub animals in one place so I could build the final me ha immediately. Now I'm gonna haft to buy a few cube animals there and get the rest on Amazon later.

  9. Dodekaioh, he's huge AF!! Zyuoh Bird, repainted Zyuoh Eagle, I'll let it slip this time. Not even mad at all.

  10. Nice find guys thanks a lot! The only thing that bugs me is that blue on Whale. I know what they're trying to represent but it just looks so out of place.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I don't even understand the logic of those people mad at Zyuoh Bird being a "recolor" of Zyuoh Eagle... Um, guys? Remember, Yamato isn't the original owner of the Eagle power in the first place. Zyuoh Eagle is the "recolor" of Zyuoh Bird!!!

    Honestly, why would you expect the Birdman's suit to be radically different? You might need to take a step back from toku... You're getting to heavily involved and raising your own expectations way too high. The damn kids don't even complain as much as the older viewers of the show do...

  12. Anonymous Says:

    lulz what and ugly + lazy looking final is this bullcrap good heavens!!.. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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