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Ultraman Orb - 1st Official Toy Catalog Images

A couple of scanned images of the 1st Ultraman Orb toy catalog has surfaced featuring a list and images of upcoming toys that we will be all expecting from this new Ultra series.

First image shows us the Ultra Hero Orb Series which will consist of the 1st release: 05 Ultraman (Orb Origin) Orb, then there will be the Ultra Monster Series which will consist of  07 Bemular, 08 Renki, 09 Hyper Zetton Deathscythe and 10 Metalonian Round Launcher and then the Boos Class Monsters DX toys featuring Galaktron, a monster that will appear in episodes 14-15, Zepanton (a fusion of Zetton and Pandon) which will appear on episodes 16-17 and Magatonoorichi, which will appear in episode 24-25.

2nd scan features the Ultra Fusion Cards for Orb Thunder Breaster (Zoffy, Belial, Leo, Max, Black King and Bemstar). Ultra Fusion Cards (Legendary Ultra Heroes) consisting of Seven, Ace, Gaia, Agul, Zetton and Pandon, Ultraman and Baltan 50th anniversary special set, Ultra Big Vinyl Heroes (Orb, Mebius and Ginga) and the new Ultra Pad Neo, a new Ultra Pad commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Ultra franchise which works by inserting one of the 7 unique cards that will activate the Ultra Heroes and Monsters Quiz, english praises and finisher praises/sounds.

Source: Kamen Rider 

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Like the way Tsuburaya using this whole new gimmicks. Ultra Fusion, refreshing! No more repetitive Spark Dolls over usages, Belial v Zoffy, unbelievable! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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