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Ultraman Orb - New Game Exclusive Fusion-Up Forms Revealed

Loving the new Ultraman series that's currently airing? We all do! For now, check-out this new Ultraman Fusion Fighter game exclusive Fusion-Up forms for Ultraman Orb!

First image gives us a clear look on Ultraman Orb Leo Zero Knuckle. This form can be achieved when Orb fuses the power of Ultraman Zero with Ultraman Leo. Damn, sure lovin' it's karate warrior get-up!

And here we have Ultraman Orb Zepellion Solgent, a combination of Ultraman Tiga Multi Type and Ultraman Dyna Flash Type's fused powers. His helmet now resembles that of Ultraman Dyan while his chest-tector is a mix of Tiga's and Dyna's.

Here's high hoping that we can see all of this game exclusive forms in the series.

Source: Kamen Rider

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tiga Dyna combo

  2. Unknown Says:

    Leo Zero Knuckle, seriously? (No offense since the other previous Fusion form seems more badass than this?) But yeah, I can see the karate style in there. Like Kraven the Hunter or some WWE guys.
    Zepellion Solvent is okay. Nice choice for Dyna's helmet.

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