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Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Episode 45-48 Titles & Summaries

After last weekend's new year episode, things will finally heat up for the Zyuohgers as the final battle is about to take place! Check-out the titles and summaries for the last 4 episodes of the 40th anniversary Super Sentai series!

Episode 45 "Broken Seal" - Azald sets his mind for revenge against Bud after absorbing his Zyuoh Cubes and transforms into a long forgotten enemy of the Zyuman king while Larry the Gorilla Zyuman fulfills hid promise to the Zyuohgers by bringing them some of Azald's fragments.

Episode 46 "The immortal God of destruction" - After retrieving his memories and original form, Azald no longer considers Gynis his master and challenges him on who will destroy the earth first. Amidst this tussle, the hospital where Yamato's father is working becomes a target.

Episode 47 "The final game" - Gynis finally decides that its time to play the final game and shoots a gigantic arrow to the earth, cracking it. To solve this great problem, Bud proposes to send the planet to another dimension using the link cube but it could severe the connection between the earth and zyuland permanently!

Episode 48 "Our home, the Earth" - No official summaries yet.

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15 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I will really miss Amu!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    @anon agreed, she was my favorite character.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wait 2 final bosses?! Kyuemon and Gengetsu didn't count because Kyuemon got a change of heart

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Amu and sela chan are so kawaii

  5. Unknown Says: This is the link to Kamen rider genm legend rider series

  6. Unknown Says: This is the link to Kamen rider genm legend rider series

  7. Anonymous Says:

    One of the worst sentai series ever. Very disappointed for the 40th super sentai.

    No story, no good characters, no character development, worst villains ever with also no development, the mechas are the most ugly things in a sentai series. I really hated Zyuohgers.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon 5 Did you even watch Zyuohger? There WAS story and there WAS character development.

    The only villains who suffered from lack of development were Naria and Azard, since they mostly did nothing apart from Naria making players grow and Azard occasionally fighting the Zyuohgers.

    Genis was smart, he saw when to take action, like when he went looking for Zyumen after seeing Yamato be infused with the power of another Zyuman, he got the idea of creating The World from that, or stopping his game player boss from doing more than was necessary at the time.

    Cubar/Kubar's development came from his secret and how he wanted revenge on Genis as first discovered by Bunglay/Bangray, leading to him attempting a group attack with revived players and the aid of the Zyuohgers, only to fail.

    Bunglay/Bangray may of had his own agenda, but he at least had smarts, like when he tried manipulating and crushing Yamato's heart by reviving his mother, or kidnapping Yamato to get the rest of the Zyuohgers to hand over Cube Whale by using memories of each other against them.

    And yes, the Zyuoh Cubes aren't the best thing around, but I'd have a consistent design with cubes than have Ninningers "Can't decide what we want but fuck it" mecha, where Shurikenjin was made of a humanoid robot, 2 vehicles and 2 animals with one being a legendary animal, not to mention, the other forms of Shurikenjin was just Shinobimaru replaced with a mecha that's similar to him and a new head.

    Seriously, why are people getting so fussy over Zyuohger not focusing on the anniversary (yes, I know Anon 5 didn't mention anything about the anniversary) when last I recall, Boukenger didn't either, apart from having monsters be based on Sentai mecha designs (which Zyuohger did a similar thing to by having players based on past Sentai monsters) and having the fact files on Sentai at the end of episodes?

    Someone has already pointed that having cameos from past Sentai rangers would have been viewed as lazy since it's only been a few years since Gokaiger and Ninninger had it's share of cameos as well.

  9. Man, you people are so salty over Super Sentai.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Well said good sir, well said.

    And there was ONE cameo by the Gokaigers, but that's it.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to have sex with both amu and sela oh boy would i

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Zyuohger is AWESOME!!!
    Very epic and fits for the 40th Anniversary Sentai thanks to the cube theme (although square has 4 sides)
    The story is amazing, even the mecha is "lame", it's awesome for me.
    Hopefully the next anniversary sentai would surpass this, Gokaiger, Boukenger, and Gaoranger

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Whos excited for the next season

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @ second to last anon, I don't think zyuohger was that amazing, but it was no where near as terrible as the past couple seasons.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    He is salty but he is right at some point, there is only so few character development. Misao's personality stays that way. On the Deathgalien side Genis and Naria remains the same, i mean i like Genis but the inly thing he do most of the series is watch from his throne, he only went down once. The mechs the worst, no redeemable factor here, the toy version are even worst. The numbers if filler episodes are also a factor, there are halloween episode, clip show episode, that one sumo episode, also Bunglay, i liked him, but he brought something i hate the most in recent sentai, recycled monsters, i like it better when they DON'T reuse past monsters from the SAME season, i mean if they return it's ok as long as they can talk and pose a threat. I don't hate this series, but it's not tge best. Some character are pretty likeable, some are...(Misao) - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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