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Kamen Rider EX-AID - Kamen Rider Snipe & Brave Level 50 First Look & A Burger Time Form?

Tired of seeing Snipe and Brave getting their butts kicked by either Genm or Para-DX? Well, good news is that they will also be getting some new forms that was revealed last year to top those guys as well! Check-out this new Terebi magazine March 2017 scans and see for yourself!

First up, let's all take a look at Kamen Rider Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50. In this form, Kamen Rider Snipe has a new power-up armor that looks like a destroyer and an aircraft carrier hybrid and his helmet has a naval officer's hat. More guns, more bang bang! 

And here we have Kamen Rider Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50 that is straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons and Monster Hunter game kind of armor! In this form, Brave's sword skill is increased and he can use magic. Both Kamen Rider Snipe and Brave can achieve this Level 50 forms by using the Gashat Gear Dual Beta which contains the Bang Bang Simulations and Taddle Fantasy games.

Finally, for those asking where the hell is Emu's Level 4 form, well here it is! It's called Kamen Rider EX-Aid Burger Gamer Level 4! and it uses the Juju Burger Gashat to achieve this form and the perfect form for EX-Aid to deliver a TLC burger with a side order of butt kicking. Who here plays Burger Time?

Thanks to our friend, Filip "Man from Japan" Judar for all the translations.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i Cum'd

  2. dhathor Says:

    Brave Demushuu Gamer and Ex-Aid Burger King Gamer? XD

  3. Unknown Says:

    KRSnipe Kancolle Gashat, KRBrave Monster Hunter Gashat & KREx-Aid McDonald's Gashat in a nutshell.

  4. The Burger Time gashat is awesome.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So Snipe and Brave will use the 1 gashat...
    i feel sorry for the supporting Rider..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Snipe. Is it just me or does the Carrier robot look like it has a little frowny face.
    Brave. Kinda looks like lord baron.
    Ex-aid. Didn't think that would be real. Just something for McDonald's ganbarizing cards. Kinda like it and fills in the level gap even though snipe & brave probably wont get ones.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I really like Brave's new form. It looks sleek and powerful and kind of reminds me of Lord Baron.
    Can't say the same about Snipe. Way too many cannons make for a poor man's Blastoise/Metal Kabuterimon and that cap looks silly as hell. I hope it looks and works better in the show.

  8. Anonymous Says:

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