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Metal Hero Series Review: Super Rescue Solbrain

Hi! Well it's been some time since I wrote a guest review here. After writing my review on Winspector it's time for its successor Solbrain. If you paid attention to ending of Winspector, you'll understand why Captain Shunsuke Masaki established this new organization. 


Solbrain takes place at least two years and maybe a few months after Winspector ended. Winspector's cast moves to France. The new mission of Solbrain is to save the minds and hearts of individuals. This was because Captain Masaki saw not all criminals are hopeless. Within two years, the old organization Winspector gets an upgrade becoming the more high-tech Solbrain. Newer equipment were created to combat more sophisticated crime.

The new team

After Ryoma Kagawa and Winspector left for France, a new team was assembled to replace the disbanded team. New members namely Captain Daiki Nishio as Sol Braver, Reiko Higuchi and the all around android Soldozer now operate the ask Winspector left behind. Reiko takes a new step from the former female sidekick Junko Fujino as she's now able to wear the power suit as Sol Jeanne. Jun Masuda shows up as a regular even if he doesn't wear a power suit. In case you didn't notice Jun's actor is Hidenori Iura who played as Comboy 1 in Goggle V and Doctor Man's son Shuichi in Bioman. Kamekichi Togawa is the new mechanic for the team.

How Solbrain continued what Winspector left behind

Part of the technological improvement was learning the mistakes of the previous power suit. Within two years, they found out how to give the wearer more suit time at the cost of lower power. It focuses on not only the crime happening but the tagline "Perhaps the problem is in modern society." That's the focus of Solbrain. This also involves that not every criminal here is completely hopeless. Some the problems related here are petty crimes. Others take a wrong direction with a noble motive.

It's all about trying to fight crime without forgetting one's heart and mind. While Captain Masaki talked about saving both, he may have also addressed this fact. We can't do without the mind and the heart. When law enforcement offers only according to one's mind it becomes a heartless system. When law enforcement offers only the heart it becomes a system of impunity. I guess that's what Solbrain also wanted to teach its audience. Some episodes show that some criminals are not a hopeless case. Some of them are just misguided and haven't done much damage yet and must be stopped before there's no other choice but to eliminate them.

What's interesting is that later Ryoma Kagawa not only made an appearance in a crossover (with both Bikel and Walter) in a three parter but he also returned as Knight Fire some time later. Ryoma demoted to extra as Knight Fire which may make sense. After all, Daiki is the main protagonist and trying to shift back to Ryoma would be a step backward. Ryoma as Knight Fire usually shows up as reinforcement. Talk about the sixth ranger syndrome that happened a year later during Zyuranger. 

A persistent criminal who's full of hate against humanity itself known as Ryuichi Takaoka shows up as the recurring villain late in the series. Although Solbrain has no real central villain but Ryuichi himself is the closest thing to a main antagonist. He may have had no connection to the other criminals but he becomes the biggest foe Solbrain faces in the final episode. 

Closing words

I may prepare another Metal Hero or Kamen Rider guest review but it won't be anytime soon. 

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  1. Basara Says:

    And it's fully subbed now by Sailor Otaku.

  2. @Basara

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Did you watch Winspector first? If not, watch it first before watching Solbrain. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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