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Neko Atsume Live Action Trailer

Like me you have probably spent hours looking, not looking and then looking again at your mobile phone waiting
what cat is going to come out next in play... well now we can all see that in the big screen with the "Neko Atsume no Ie" Japanese Live Action Movie Trailer. Based on the cat collecting game “ Neko Atsume,” developed by Hit-Point for iOS and Android phones.

Masaru Sakumoto (Atsushi Itō) is a best selling author, but, recently, got slammed with writers block. He moved house to start fresh. Things didn't went shall we say his way as one playful day while Masaru looks at his yard, a cat comes over. Masaru interacts with the cat but the cat, the smug lord of the animal kingdom leaves. At night Masaru places dried food out in the yard and falls asleep. Next day finding the food is gone, Masaru begins interacting with cats that come to his yard.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2


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