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Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Episode 1 Clips - A New Era Of Action & Adventure Begins!

Get ready to blast into a new era of adventure as we bring you the action clips for the premiere episode of the much awaited 41st Super Sentai series, Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger! Enjoy the clips feat. the team's introduction and Kyurenoh's debut after the break!

"He's so lucky, he's a star!"

"I'm the new Kyuuranger!"

"High velocity action!"

"The resistance is now!"

And that was one awesome debut, folks. So what was your first impression of the newest Super Sentai series? Drop 'em down below the comments section!

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26 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh boy we're back to having another Daigo clone. Okami Wolf looks like a pretty awesome character though.

  2. Unknown Says:

    is it just me or kyuuranger blue sounds like Zoro from one piece?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If i had one dollar for every time Lucky said "Yossha Lucky!!!" i would probably have enough to buy all the kyuuranger merch and toys.

  4. MightyAkshunX Says:

    lulz the red one is annoying as fuck with his "yosha raki" bullcrap...ROFL

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You're not alone bro.. I thought the same too..
    It's kinda annoying to hear "yossha lucky" every time...
    Looks like we have another red like Takaharu Igasaki

  6. Unknown Says:

    i was thinking the same thing

  7. Anonymous Says:

    They shared same voice actor

  8. @ichigolo
    You would be right. Garu/Ookami Blue is voiced by Zoro's seiyuu, Kazuya Nakai.

  9. Ah crap! Another Takaharu! >:(

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I guess going one season without an idiot hero who has an intrusive and overbearing presence in the plot was too much for Toei. Looks like were going to have another season of red being adored by the cast despite his stupidity and solving everyones problems.

  11. Anonymous Says:

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The red guy is bloody annoying!
    Someone please kill him and make Okami Blue the lider. But keep him blue.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hate to say it, but...
    At least it makes a bit more sense this time.
    Lucky's defining character trait is his luck. And that sort of thing makes the most sense on a red with a personality like Takaharu.
    Not to mention, there's this whole thing about "lucky stars"...
    Do I wish he had a different personality ? ABSOLUTELY. But I can see why they have him what they did.

    Also...given the crew working on this and the lack of a MOTW, we may have a series more focused on character development/a darker series. TL;DR: they may be trying to pull a Gaim or Ex-Aid on us (to some degree). Let's wait to see if the bomb drops later.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    He does share a voice actor with Zoro. And black is One piece's blackbeard. Gold is Jojo from diamond is unbreakable. And pink is Gokai yellow.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It's not You. There are the same voice actor.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else having "Brave da ze!" and "Moete kitaaaaa!" flashbacks?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Lucky - Even more annoying than Takaharu in Ninninger's beggining with this stressful amount of "Yossha Lucky" and has spotlight hogging tendences. He didn't have a very a good start.

    Garu - Interesting character and badass moves. Seems to have loyalty to red mirroring Joe and Kazuya Nakai's voice suits the character really well.

    Champ - Not very much to say because he didn't have much time to shine and show his character traits. I like his brute force fighting scenes.

    Hammy - She seems to be an agile fighter and a fun yet strong character. Nice start. (BTW: she's really pretty).

    Spada - Seems like a nice guy overall. I hope we can see more of his development soon.

    Raptor - Her design is incredibly stupid and I hate it so much it hurts. Love her voice actress' work since Gokaiger. She seems to have nice fighting scenes if promos are any indicative so I'll wait to give any more impressions.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Even if Lucky is already an annoying soul, at least everything else seems good which is ironic for me to say, as I long avoided Super Sentai since Go-Onger. Though it's only the first episode, I think this has helped restore by faith on it, even when KyurenOh looks better than the other ones from recent history (the one from ToQger has to be one of the worst I've ever seen) and, I'm really digging the stand-by jingle for the Seiza Blaster. It's awesome.

    Let's hope it gets better as time goes on.

  19. The red ranger is very hot mixed with cute!!! X$

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Dunno... for me Lucky is much more tolerable than Takaharu or Daigo (both of them made me not watch their respective series besides the weak members)

    And Champ remembers me too much of Fate/Zero's Rider... (I know it's the same VA but...)

  21. I like her design very much.

  22. Unknown Says:

    Lucky's trait is lucky star. So this is acceptable. Huh not. Jk. I'd watch this series bc those great VA's and the toys are great.

  23. Unknown Says:

    Ok you guys need to calm the f$@k down with the takaharu/daigo clone stick. He is not even close to having that level of annoyance. If anything he's ban from dekaranger or jan from gekiranger. He's got energy and excitement, but If I hear takaharu or daigo one more time then you f&#kers are just never gonna be happy with anything.

  24. Unknown Says:

    I love the megazord looks kinda cool

  25. Unknown Says:

    It's a simple yet complex megazord with various combos

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Lucky is okay and don't mind him saying his catchphrase "Talk about Lucky!". Though I do hope he tones it down for the rest of Kyuranger,but I have a feeling that won't happen... - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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