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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - Enter The New Saviors: Ryu Commander & Koguma Sky Blue

Thanks to this new May 2017 Terebi-kun scans, the next month will also be a good time for the 9 ultimate saviors as their 10th and 11th members will finally join them in their battle against the Jark Matter Organization!

Previously revealed in last sunday's preview of the next episode for Kyuranger, Commander Xiao Longpao will finally transform into Ryu Commander, with his title as the Dragon Master, and join the Kyurangers in action!

Armed with the Ryutueder staff which he also uses to transform into his ranger form by using the Dragon Kyutama and can also double as a rifle,  Ryu Commander can even up the odds against the Jark Matter army with this handy weapon.

As for the 11th member of the team, let's all welcome the newest kid ranger on the block, Koguma Sky Blue!

His identity is Sakuma Kotaro, whom we have meet at the 5th episode of the show. He will inherit the power of Big Bear, Commander Xiao's former comrade in the rebellion who is Ohguma Sky Blue. His title is Big Star.

Koguma Sky Blue is armed with claws and the ball attached to his scarf can also double as a deadly weapon! That's not all, by using the Ohguma Kyutama, he can grow into enormous size! His Voyager Machines are the Ohguma and Koguma Voyagers.

Lastly, check Ryu Commander's personal gigantic Voyager Machine, the Ryu Voyager! Everybody misses Ryu Ranger's Ryuseioh from Dairanger?

The Ryu Voyager can also combine with the Ohguma and Koguma Voyagers to become Ryu-Teioh! And just like Kyuren-Oh, Ryu-Teioh can also do the arm swapping mode.

Source: Heroshock

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7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    two blue rangers in one team?

  2. This looks decent. Ryu Commander looks much more awesome than his art design. What I'm more intrigued by (I'm pretty sure not much people care that much) is that Hideaki Kusaka is seems that he is going to play a ranger again. For those of you that don't know, Hideaki is well known suit actor in the super sentai franchise; he is known for playing the first robo and he is also known for playing Daizyujin (also known as the first megazord in Power rangers)he has played most of the main robo in sentai and is still goin till this day (Kyuranger anybody). The guys has also played some awesome villains such as wolzard, Gaja monster form and doukoku from shinkenger. He has also played rangers such as Time yellow, Gao Black, Kabuto raiger, Abare Black, deka master and bouken silver. I'm just wondering if a 60 year old guy could do the stunts especially knowing that he plays as Shou longbou.

    Kogami sky blue looks good but I just hope the good could act and hold his own with an adult cast. Normally, I don't like kids as toku senshi but I'll give it a shot. The mech looks awesome. My only Gripe is the pacing for this series is ridiculously fast. Just take your God gamn time Toei.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My boy has his pimp stick 👍

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hold up... Purple, Goofy, and has a cane... He's a Pimp!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Annoymous March 30, 9:23PM

    Have you seen Kyoryuger (Dino Charge) Yet????

  6. V Says:

    @ the 2:30 anon, have you seen Kyoryuger? It had THREE shades of blue. I will say it seems like the writers are grabbing at straws now regarding color

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Kid rangers make me a saaad panda. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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