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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - New Kyutama Powers Revealed & Mecha Combo Raffle!

Besides the upcoming power-up for Shishired which is the Pegasus Shishired, this month's Terebi magazine also featured some upcoming Kyutama and the power that each holds and some updates regarding a mecha combination raffle.

First scanned image shows us the Kani Kyutama (Cancer) that creates a pincer that is made of energy along with it is the Uo Kyutama (Pisces) which creates shushi (maybe an illusion) and the Bouenkyou Kyutama which creates a telescope that can see faraway targets.

Second image shows the Futago Kyutama (Gemini) which we have seen in action in this week's episode while the other one is the Ohitsuji Kyutama (Aries) that puts enemies to sleep and the Tate Kyutama (Scutom) which creates an energy shield.

Once the 9 Kyuurangers are finally gathered, the rangers who will be in Kyurenoh's formation of the week will be drawn via raffle by Commander Xiao using the Kyullete. Now that's something new in the Super Sentai house of ideas!

Source: Heroshock

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