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Friends & Fans Sends Their Loving Thoughts For Tatsuya Nomi

It's just been a couple of days since the announcement of Tatsuya Nomi's death and his close friends, along with his loyal fans are all sending their loving thoughts and good memories that are all dedicated for him. We at JEFusion are glad to share you this memorable thoughts in memory of a legendary hero and friend who passed away.

Up first, here is Sir Danny Torres's thought on Tatsuya as a friend: 

"Got nothing but great memories with him, including the time we got to film the Dairanger video for Power Morphicon last year.... Just the coolest guy, really liked him lots!! He was especially flattered by the fact that the US had released Dairanger on DVD. That picture of the four of us was taken back stage after a Legend Hero 90s event, where he attended as a guest. We all drove to the event together as Keisuke picked us all up that day."

And here's what his Gosei Sentai Dairanger teammates can tell us all about him starting with Tsuchiya Keisuke (Kazu/Kirinranger):

"He was fun and interesting to work and to be with, and I can't remove Tatsuya's very bright image from my mind. May you find peace and I will always pray for your repose."

And then, here's what Wada Keiichi, who portrayed Ryo/Ryuuranger has to say where he made a Dairanger reference:

"I can't believe it, i don't want to believe it. Still, 50 years later, it's still too soon, Daigo!!"

Finally, Gekidan's sister, Magnum who is also a big fan of not just Daigo but of Tatsuya Nomi made a post in remembrance to her all-time hero:

"All the while I thought we will be able to meet. Honestly speaking I am expecting for that day to come. I even told myself, "I am friends with Keisuke-san, I have a chance to meet everyone. I am friends with Kuya Danny, the more I could get that chance." But all those broke into pieces because of the sudden news about your death. It is just so sad that the chance of meeting that I've been dreaming of suddenly faded away. But what else could I do? This is how fate works, right? Another favorite person of mine has been taken by the heavens and all that I can do is to accept this fact and pray for your soul's new journey. Rest in peace Nomi-san..."

For me, Daigo gave us an important lesson in life, that no matter how hard the situation and challenges that the future may bring, we will face it head-on and give it not just our best but our whole spirit and dedication to it. We salute you, Sir Tatsuya Nomi, for showing us of what a real man and a real hero is. Rest in peace, Heavenly Phantom Star!

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