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Gavan VS Dekaranger - Past Metal Heroes & Space Super Sentai Teams Return!

Its seems that the recent screening of Uchuu Keiji Gavan VS Dekaranger: SPACE SQUAD gave fans the chance to see 2 of their all time favorite space heroes team-up but also, made Metal Hero fans scream with excitement as metallic clad warriors of the past makes an awesome cameo along with the old generation of space Super Sentai heroes! Be warned! Spoilers ahead!

"Global Ninja Jiraiya has arrived!"

"You have the right to remain silent!"

"The space wolf of justice returns!" 

"Is Geki going to execute a Cosmic Harley?"

That's right! This movie is going to make every Metal Hero fan's wet their shorts as we can see from the images above that besides the Mega Beast Investigator Juspion making a cameo, we have (in chronological order) Sharivan and Shaider returning to back-up their buddy, Geki/Gavan plus we have Global Ninja Jiraiya (who made his return in 2015), Mobile Detective Jiban, Redder from Exeedraft, Detective Robo Janperson, Blue Swat, and the B-Fighters.

As for the space Super Sentai teams, we have Electronic Task Force Denjiman, Supernova  Flashman, Earth Task Force Fiveman and Star Beast Squadron Gingaman! This can also be confirmed in the movie's song collection album.

Man, I cannot wait for the DVD to be released next month. For now, stay tuned and get ready for this movie to be posted once it gets released!

Source: Heroshock

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3 Responses
  1. would be so cool if they made a new metal hero series although I would prefer it if they didn't have the bulky crotch plate

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jaspion, Jiraiya and Jiban are together in a movie. If we had something like this here in Brazil in the early 90's, I'd probably be a very happy crying kid.

  3. V Says:

    Amen strawberrybankai12! Instead of shoving out another Kamen Rider/Sentai every year, Toei should give one or both franchises a break and revisit Metal Heroes. If you want a Metal Heroes series that doesn't have "the bulky crotch plate", check out Blue SWAT - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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