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My Top 10 Super Sentai Swordsmaidens

In a previous article, I've shared my favorite sentai swordsmen. But considering that there are also women in Super Sentai who were also skilled with the sword, I thought I'd give them a tribute of their own.

Just like the previous article, these will not come in a specific order, and multiple entries from the same series will be possible.

1. Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink

As the very first sentai swordsmaiden, Rei proved that you don't have to be a man to wield a sword. With her rapier, she fought with finesse and grace, and comes out victorious every single time.

2. Kazumi Hoshikawa/Five Pink

The second sentai swrodsmaiden, and another rapierist, she is somewhat a contrast to her older brother Gaku, who uses kendo, while Kazumi employs western style fencing. However, she is in no way inferior to her brother, and will defeat anyone who tries to harm her family.

3. Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow

Being a bit tomboyish, Luka is one of the Gokaigers who tends to rush headlong into battle. Typically, she trades her Gokai gun with either Don or Aihm in exchange for another Gokai Saber, either combining both swords to create a dual bladed weapon, or attach the pommels to ropes, using them as whips. Her creative use of the Gokai Sabers make her a valuable ally, and a formidable swordsmaiden.

4. Kaoru Shiba/Hime Shinkenred

As the 18th head of the Shiba clan, Kaoru spent her life perfecting the seal needed to defeat  Chimatsuri no Doukoku. And along with that, her fighting skills. When she finally reveals herself as the true heir to the Shiba clan, Kaoru wastes no time proving that she did not hide for nothing, and defeats all the Ayakashi who stood in her way.

5. Tsuruhime/Ninja White

As the leader of the Kakurangers, Tsuruhime is responsible for keeping the team together, acting as their voice of reason. And despite being the youngest member of the team, she is nonetheless a very capable fighter, and won most of her battles with her Kakuremaru in hand.

6. Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

Mako is a capable warrior in her own right. Although she uses her Shinkenmaru in the kitchen, her fighting abilities are as deadly as her cooking. But her most defining moment as a swordsmaiden comes during her duel with Usukawa Dayu, putting their lives and pride as women on the line.

7. Mio Natsume/Tokyu #3

Mio is a kendo practicioner and employs her skills on the battlefield. Although she uses the dull side of her Tokyu Blaster sword mode to whack enemies on the head, she does so with the skills she has learned.

8. Hammy/Chameleon Green

Another rapierist, Hammy is the first sentai swordsmaiden since Kazumi to use the rapier as a weapon. Strangely, despite being raised in the ways of ninjutsu, she uses western fencing as opposed to what she learned, using a rapier instead of a katana. Nonetheless, Hammy is still formidable with the sword.

9. Yuuri/Time Pink

Another female leader on this list, Yuuri leads the Timerangers in battle. A brave woman, Yuuri isn't afraid of rushing into battle, and would do so using her Double Vector swords.

10. Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow

As the youngest Shinkenger, Kotoha works hard to prove that she is useful in combat. And despite her self doubts, she overcomes them with her Shinkenmaru. All female Shinkengers complement each others' fighting styles, with Kotoha relying on speed, Mako using amore refined, feminine style, and Kaoru fighting in a seemingly aggressive manner.

Other notable female sentai sword-users:

Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue
Kasumi Momochi/Momoninger
Fuuka Igasaki/Shironinger

Are there other sentai swordsmaidens you'd like to mention? Let us know in the comments.

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice list with many strong characters. In a personal opinion, I'd move Tsuruhime, Kaoru and Mako to higher positions. And maybe remove Mio to put in Momoninger.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I'd have gone with one from each series, making room for one of the honorable mentions (replacing Kotoha with Hurricane Blue maybe), but still good post otherwise - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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