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Ranking For Hottest Kamen Rider Actors Revealed

To our female friends and followers, who where the hottest Kamen Riders in the Heisei era in your life? Daily Taishu has revealed the ranking for the top 8 "Ikemen Kamen Rider actor whom you want to fall in love with" from the very first to the current.

And here's the ranking from hot to hottest:

8. That friendly cook who has an amnesia and kicked god straight in the face Toshiki Kashuu/Kamen Rider Agito - 3%
7. First of the police riders Jun Kaname/Kamen Rider G3 - 4%
6. The father of the Heisei Kamen Riders and the one who revitalized the franchise, the one and only Joe Odagiri/Kamen Rider Kuuga - 5%
4. Tie between  the man who walks a path Hiro Mizushima/Kamen Rider Kabuto and the coolest supercop Ryoma Takeuchi/Kamen Rider Drive - 11%
3. The time traveling Kamen Rider who became the ultimate assassin turned hero samurai Takeru Satoh - 14%
2. The other half of the hard-boiled detectives Masaki Suda/Kamen Rider W - 17%
1. And the winner, the man who will befriend all the riders, Sota Fukushi/Kamen Rider Fourze - 18%

Agreed with the list? Who were your top choices? I'm so glad that my boy Kuuga got into the list!

Source: Nihon Hero

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3 Responses
  1. Kal Says:

    Well, I'm not female, but, I don't like any of the guys on this list. Even if we're just doing primary Heisei Riders, I'd say Hiroki Iijima is at the top of my list. He's just so cheek pinchingly-adorable.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    we need our memelord game master on the list

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For me, this is more like a popularity poll. The one in the list is a rising/quite famous actor. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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