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Super Sentai Heroes Attend Tatsuya Nomi's Memorial Ceremony

Veteran sentai actors attend the late Tatsuya Nomi's (daigo/shishiranger from the 1993 Super Sentai series Gosei Sentai Dairanger) memorial ceremony held earlier this week.

The event that was recently held last September 2 was attended by all of his fellow Gosei Sentai Dairanger cast members Keiichi Wada (ryuuranger/ryou), Ei Hamura (tenmaranger/shouji), Keisuke Tsuchiya (kirinranger/kazu), and Natsuki Takanashi (hououranger/rin).

Other veteran sentai actors who were present were his good friends Michiko Makino (pink five), Ryousuke Kaizu (red mask), Keiya Asakura (blue turbo), and Kei Shindachya (five blue). Also present in the ceremony was Chodenshi Bioman producer Takeyuki Suzuki.

Tatsuya Nomi passed away at the age of 47 last May 18, 2017. Both Ms. Makino and Mr. Tsuchiya have posted about the event on their social media sites. Special thanks to our very own Filip for the translations.

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