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Kamen Rider Build - Terebi-Kun Magazine Scans Feat. Kamen Rider Cross-Z

Finally, after weeks of waiting, our boy Ryuga will finally transform into the second Rider that will help Build in his battle against Faust! Here are the newest Terebi-Kun magazine scans featuring Kamen Rider Cross-Z!

Ryuga Banjo will transform into Kamen Rider Cross-Z using a Build Driver, the Cross Dragon and Dragon Full Bottle. He is armed with the Beat Cross-Zer and will also have his own Machine Builder

To finish a SMASH monster, Kamen Rider Cross-Z will perform his signature Rider Kick called the Draconic Finish!

And lastly, Kamen Rider Cross-Z will make his brawling debut in the Kamen Rider Build TV series next month! Now, the battle is equal as it's 2 against 2!

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    About damn time. It was obvious who Cross-Z is from the beginning.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Really hate seeing Banjou right now.
    Yeah, as already mentioned on TvTropes regarding him, he has a valid excuse to behave like a jerkass. That as far as the general public is concerned, he's a murderer and can't go outside without risking getting caught by Guardians, sent back to jail and more than likely, be experimented on by Faust again. Not to mention, got caught for cheating, and lost his girlfriend.
    But, damn, all of his action so far are kinda unbearable to watch.
    Sacrifing Sento's friend, that's kind of dick move. Glad that he was tasered.
    And in the latest episode, damn. Dude, you were kindly offered some foods for FREE, and you had the gall to be such an ungrateful B-tard. And overall being selfish, and hypocrite.

    Well, hopefully he will get some character development soon.

  3. Why would he have a Rider Kick finisher? He's a boxer. Shouldn't his finisher be a Rider Punch?

  4. WOW this looks better in reality than it does as just an art style. I will hope they do his debut justice. His suit looks great. I love the idea that his eyes are two dragons facing sideways. However, the gold dragon in the mddle cover their eyes to make their eyes his. I also love the how the golden dragon horns on the fore head of the helmet is like flames. This matches well with gold flames paints on his body. Really awesome looking rider.

    Since his name is Cross-z, which is a pun on the the japanese pronunciation of the words "clothes" wonder how would his henshin look. Would it be like sewing it's armor? Or will it be the same as build? I can't wait though.

  5. IXA Says:

    Based on the pose for the rider kick,im guessing its gattack-like or possible FangJoker-like just a bit of homage to the series

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That's a cool design. Build looks great, but I think Cross-z looks even better. Kudos on the production.
    I just hope he stays strong the whole show, unlike other past secondary riders (Specter, Birth, Beast...)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    We all knew it was gonna be Ryuga Banjou to be Kamen Rider Cross-Z!!!

  8. Unknown Says:

    Awesome! Always wanted him to be a rider since Kamen Rider Amazons. But one thing I confused though, why is his name Kamen Rider Cross-Z when the katana reads as Kurozu/Cross/Close? Did I miss something there?

  9. @Rihazuma

    are you seriously questioning japan and their inability to spell in english? last time ooo's tajador instead being spelled tajyadol. the best part is there is no "ya" in the name to make it "pronunciation mistake"

    so, yeah, when japan give you lemonade, you smash it on the floor

  10. Unknown Says:

    @Sogambut Boys Projk

    I just wondering the translation might have a meaning, not questioning the spelling.
    As Tajador, in katana it's spelling is Ta Jya Do Ru so it's either translate as Tajyadol or Tajador seems acceptable because Ji and Ya is combined to form the word "Ja" or "Jya" but Jya is pronounce as Ja so I wouldn't say it is actually a pronunciation mistake..

    Yet I won't take this seriously since I was a toku fan from the 80's, I might found the answer myself soon.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    well this was obvious from when he got the bottle plus the fact that he is a person who didn't turn same as build that he would be a rider at some point the one thing is they only have one build driver. unless he can build a second he isn't going to be as useful as you would think because from what they have just said you need to be hazard level 3 to use the drive but he is only at 2.7 according to stark so the cross thing is probably similar to the guns and sword night rouge and bloody stark have. the thing im curious about is how is build making this stuff as he was a punk rocker before i suspect that this is a case of someones knowledge or even the brain being transfered into him - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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