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Kamen Rider Amazons - Tom Fujita (Omega/Haruka) Teases Of A Possible 3rd Season Or Movie.

With a 3rd season still unconfirmed, actor Tom Fujita recently posted a tweet on his twitter account which teases fans that made them asking if there will be a follow-up to the second season of Kamen Rider Amazons.

Recently, Tom Fujita (Omega/Haruka) and Masashi Taniguchi (Alpha/Jin) were present in a special talk interview to commemorate the upcoming blu-ray release of the second season of Kamen Rider Amazons and Tom posted on his twitter: 

The tweet above is translated as "I feel nostalgic for Kamen Rider Amazons. But... I won't let you say nostalgic".  What could this mean? Will we finally get the 3rd season that we have been waiting for? Or it would all end in a movie version of Kamen Rider Amazons?

Source: Nihon Hero

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ok... I actually don’t know if I want a third season to Amazons... I mean, Season 2 should’ve been the wrap up for the series. Also, considering that a lot of main characters were killed off... Where would they go from here? Although I will admit, we don’t exactly know what happened to Iyu and Chihiro. It’s pretty safe to assume what happened, but we never saw the actual fight for ourselves.

  2. dhathor Says:

    I'd rather have it as a movie where it settles everything in which every Amazon dies, including Haruka and Jin who will sacrifice themselves in the process.

  3. I think season 2 was rather meh and the new protagonists weren't interesting enough to watch. Chihiro was literally a crybaby and Iyu basically have no personality. If they move on to season 3 it needs to have a better story and a finite end. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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