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My Top 10 NMB48 Members


Because I love NMB48 so much, and honestly, I still can't move on from the fact that I was able to have pictures taken with them (you can find it here), I've decided to make a top 10 list of my favorite NMB48 members.

For this list, members will be included regardless of their popularity or status within the group. As with my other top 10 lists, they will come in no particular order. This is also purely based on my personal preference and opinion.

1. Tanigawa Airi (谷川愛梨)

As I've mentioned in my event vlog, Airi's my favorite member. Although she became famous for her boyish style (she usually had short hair), she has recently changed to a more feminine, mature look. But she's also a talented singer and dancer. She's constantly featured in many carrier singles and music videos, making her one of the more popular members of the group.

2. Mita Mao (三田麻央)

Known as Maokyun to fans, she's a resident otaku who particularly loves boys's love. She also provided the voice of the character Yokomizo Makoto for AKB008, alongside popular AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu.

3. Hori Shion (堀詩音)

Shion was actually already an idol before joining NMB48, as a member of the Hokkaido-based group PEACEFUL. She's known to be very energetic, to the point of being loud and annoying. She's a recent addition to the group, having joined in 2015.

4. Mizuta Shiori (水田詩織)

Shiori is the newest member to make this list (as of this article) only joining in 2016. Known for an air-headed yet innocent character, this only adds to her charm. Also, many fans, myself included, have pointed out her similarities with a former NMB48 member, Kondo Rina (近藤里奈).

5. Matsumura Megumi (松村芽久未)

Also known as Megumin, she is one of the best dancers of the group. Sadly, as of this article, she has already announced her departure from the group.

6. Shibuya Nagisa (渋谷凪咲)

Nagisa is personally one of the best visuals in NMB48, and she's also one of the best singers of the group. Although she mainly performs as a member of NMB48, she also performs as a member of AKB48.

7. Kawakami Chihiro (川上千尋)

She is also known by her nickname Chihhii by fans. She specializes in figure skating, and is so far, the only known member of NMB48 to have participated in skating competitions.

8. Kushiro Rina (久代梨奈)

She's called Rinacchi by fans. Rinacchi seems to be a Super Sentai fan, as she sometimes refers to herself as her self-made character, Rinacchi Pink.

9. Ishizuka Akari (石塚朱莉)

Nicknamed Anchu, Akari/Anchu is known for being an aspiring comedienne. Also, while being an NMB48 Member, She has also started a YouTube channel, which she dedicates to gaming. You can check it out here.

10. Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩)

Sayanee, as she is more commonly known, is the most popular member of NMB48, and labeled as the group's ace and center, since the group's debut in 2010. But she's not given those titles for nothing - she's arguably the best performer of the group overall. Originally coming from a small local band called MAD CATZ, she was lead vocal and guitarist, proving her talents as a musician. Sayanee has also been shown to be one of the best dancers of the group. Having been the main frontliner of the group contributed to her overall popularity. She also has a solo career as a musician, which you can check out on her YouTube channel.

Any NMB48 fans out there? Who are your favorite members? Tell me in the comments.

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sayaka!!!!!! <3

  2. Kekkon Says:

    My fav member is OTA YUURI SHE'S DAMN CUTE LOLI

  3. Anonymous Says:

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