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Garage Hero's Gun Caliber Hits Its Way To DVD!

Thanks to the good folks at SRS Cinema, you can now have your very own movie of the @$$ kicking, booze loving, womanizing superhero, Gun Caliber, in DVD format and at a discounted price!

Yes, it's time to kick evil in the ding dongs again and this time, you will be saving some of those hard earned cash (priced at $9.95) for more ammunition and booze while having a good time watching Gun Caliber wipe the floor with evil doer's sorry butts in quality DVD format.

And good thing about this is you are supporting indie toku! So what are you waiting for! Open your wallet, buy it online, get drunk, watch and enjoy it coz its never a dull time when you get to watch Gun Caliber waste monsters and learn the art of @$$ whuppin'. 

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